Kotaku Awards 2014: Mobile Game Of The Year

Time to announce our mobile game of the year!

And the winners are...

Reader's Choice

Hearthstone With a massive 22% of the vote, Hearthstone is the reader's choice. Overwhelmingly the Kotaku Reader's Choice of the year.


FTL FTL managed to garner 14% of the vote. This is a terrible reminder that I have an unplayed copy of FTL in my Steam Library.

[Puts on cone of shame]

Editor's Choice

Framed If it's good enough for Hideo Kojima, it's good enough for me.

Framed is one of those great video games that seem to latch on organically to one specific platform. I can't imagine Framed working on any other platform, how could it? Framed is game that couldn't have existed without the iOS platform, and that's what makes it so compelling and essential. It's the kind of game that helps shape and define a platform — that's how original it is. In short, we need more games like Framed and less games about birds doing stuff tangentially related to them being birds. Unless that game is Crossy Road, obviously.

Framed is a game that shifts your expectations of what a mobile game can or should be. Not just in terms of its concept, or its original mechanics, but in terms of its production values. This is a passion project where the passion has been correctly directed and applied. Framed is clever, Framed is original, Framed is properly unique but more importantly Framed is a game that actually delivers and executes on its promises.

Runner Up

Crossy Road I can't explain what is so sticky about this game, but I literally cannot stop playing it. I can't.


    It's a shame Vainglory wasn't released earlier... would have been well up there.

    I've always been hesitant to play a CCG on a mobile. I might take the plunge and give Hearthstone a crack.

      It is just slightly more fun than it is frustrating, hence why you will keep coming back :P

      I second @ash's statement, I loved Hearthstone and anytime I've got my iPad I try and play it. If it wasn't for my Destiny Addiction I'd play this non stop I think.

    Framed looks fantastic and I can't wait for a chance to play it.

    As an Android owner, I'm more hopeful that there will be a PC port than an Android port though. If Super Hexagon could make its way onto Steam, then maybe Framed has a chance.

    Not sure how I feel about Hearthstone winning this. Absolutely great game but it just constantly crashes for me on the old iPad 2.

    I voted for Hearthstone even though it didn't work properly on ipads. It kept crashing on my Mini 1 and even my friend's Air. Only good thing was finally being able to use unwanted itunes gift cards on card packs.

    Hearthstone is outstanding, I play it nearly every night on my iPad 4 and never have any problems. Heres hoping GvG gets released tonight!

    Readers choice: A great fun mobile game
    Editors: More obscure gaff most people havent played.

      Readers choice: a high profile game from a major publisher that is popular and well marketed, and hence gets lots of votes.
      Editors: a less popular but still very good indie title, that may not have received the votes it deserved in the reader poll simply because less people played it.

      Sounds about right to me!

    How did World of Garrisoncraft not win this? Did it miss the eligibility date by coming out with Warlords of Draenor? ;-)

      I didn't realise you could play WoW on mobiles! The more you know ;)

    But Hearthstone isn't on my mobile...

    It's on my tablet.

    "Framed is one of those great video games that seem to latch on organically to one specific platform. I can’t imagine Framed working on any other platform, how could it? Framed is game that couldn’t have existed without the iOS platform, and that’s what makes it so compelling and essential."

    Why is this game only possible on iOS? Some more detail why this is the case would be appreciated.

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