Kotaku Awards 2014: Most Anticipated Game Of 2015

Find out Kotaku Australia's most anticipated games of 2015.

And the winner is...

Reader's Choice

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt I suspected you all might vote for this!

But it was closer than I thought. Maybe the recent delay soured the hype a teensy bit. I suspect it will result in a far more polished experience.


Batman: Arkham Knight This surprised me. Until I remembered how good the first two games in this series were. I can't wait for this either.

Editor's Choice

Bloodborne For this one I wanted to chose something that I was absolutely certain I'll be playing. Bloodborne is that game.

I'm a huge fan of the 'Souls' series and, as such, I'm super excited about Bloodborne. How could you not be? A brand new universe, a new setting, a new set of weapons, a different style of play, current gen... I'm getting hyped just writing all these buzzwords. I'm going to spend a stupid amount of time with this game. This game is going to destroy every relationship I have.


Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Odd numbered Metal Gear Solid games are always the best. I have the best feeling about this game.


    Can we get a copy editor in here?!

    On topic:
    Witcher 3 - hype train to the max
    Batman - meh, played the first two. they were pretty good. just can't get excited for it, though
    MGS5 - haven't played one since the first, so meh
    Bloodborne - maybe, but I have a feeling the actual game won't match the buzz

    Witcher 3 and Uncharted 4 my only certain buys for 2015.

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    So much hype going on for Bloodborne, I think I'm having a premonition about which game will take out biggest disappointment of 2015

      no mans sky?

        Theres a lot more higher possibilities of other games to be disappointments - Bloodbourne from what game-play footage Ive seen already looks like more fun then the majority of games released this year - One of the major games that will end up either amazeballs or complete flop will be FF15

        Bloodbourne looks to safe - its a hack n slash but made by the same team as Dark Souls so its not like its going to feel completely new but will be epic anyways.

    I've been pretty on the money with my guesses for these awards, but this one I got completely wrong.

    My vote was MGSV, with Bloodborne a close second. I suspect there aren't as many MGS fans here as I originally thought...

    All of these. 2015 will be the year current gen actually delivers.

    Can't we just say we're all just looking forward to 2015 a shitload more than we were for 2014?

    I'm tending to be "Mr What About Nintendo?" in these Kotaku awards posts... but... the Wii U line up next year does look incredible! Splatoon, Zelda, Xenoblade...

      Amen! Zelda looks like skyrim without the bugs, with an art style, and without the elder scrolls craptastic combat.

      X is just epic.

      And splatoon could end up being an approachable version of tribes (and that portal style campaign looks pretty neat, too). I hope they really push the skill ceiling.

      Oh, and devil's third is a wildcard. Looks so nuts it might just work.

      I've never been a big zelda fan. I can appreciate but I can never really get in to them. The upcoming wii u version looks incredible though and I'm really looking forward to it.

    yeah! MGS5 that is my most anticipated game of 2015 and runner up is no mans sky.

    My 2015 is Bloodborne, Dark Souls II PS4, Until Dawn, Witcher 3, Majora's Mask, Batman Arkham Knight, MGS V, Xenoblade, Persona 5, Starfox, Uncharted 4, Star Wars Battlefront, The Legend of Zelda and HOPEFULLY Doom and Wild.

    I have already set aside money for next years releases :P

    The Division
    Everything else is just occupying me until that lands - now I have to resume praying to the good Ubi gods...

    Arkham Knight and Uncharted 4 - the games that'll turn the tide and make me invest.
    There's already enough to justify the console buuuuut... those two are the clinchers.

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