Kotaku Awards 2014: Vote For Your Biggest Disappointment Of The Year

Earlier today we took your vote for the biggest surprise of the year. Now we're looking for your views on 2014's biggest disappointment.

Given the year that was, I'm sure you all no doubt have opinions on this one. Being honest, it's been a bit of a bad year for video games both as a hobby and a culture.


    This is shaping up to be the most hotly contested category this year.

    Voted for Destiny. It's not the game I expected but I'm still playing it. Go figure

      probs will get a lot of votes but i went with Watch Dogs. Promised something so cool....TOA (Turd On Arrival).

      Lols the xbox one is on there. poor xb1.

        Really odd why it's there its been killing it in the last 6 months, if anything Ps4 should be there

          Have you played both? Comparatively, the Xbox One does just about everything worse than the PS4.

            Are you actually serious? The controller is better, games are better, OS is a million times better, media player actually exists, apps are better, voice control is better. Furthermore it now seems to be handling the majority of games better than the PS4. Care to explain what's 'worse'?

              Just about everything you saud us a su jective opinion and notging more. Opinions sure are a nice thing.

                I don't think the OS, media player and voice control are really all that subjective. The OS is more intuitive and functional, the media player exists and the voice control is well known to be much more advanced and user friendly than the PS4's voice control.

                In addition the games that have been coming out recently have been much more stable on the Xbox One. That's certainly not subjective.

                Subjective? A little.

                Correct? Yes.

              You just said the exact opposite of what he said with even less explanation. Care to explain your inability to understand subjective preference?

                Less of an explanation? He/she just stated it was 'worse'. I stated why it's not with examples. Not sure how that can be defined as less explanation when it's clearly more.

          i think it would be a case of the launch and promotion of the xb1 should be there, less so the console itself. although in a direct comparison to the ps4 it is the more troubled machine. doesnt mean its a big dissapointment though....i guess.

          To be fair, the poll isn't saying that *you're* a dissapointment for buying one, but rather the console itself is ;-)
          Regardless of how good or bad the PS4 is, just on it's own, the xbone is dissapointing.

            Agree - I've been with Xbox since day one, jumped straight onto it after the Dreamcast died, and I have yet to by an Xbox One. It just hasn't got me yet - not even The Master Chief collection has managed to sway me, and I LOVE Halo. One day :)

          I'm with you. I've had both for nearly a year. My PS4 collects dust while my Xbone gets used every day. The only real issue is the U.I, which you get used to really quickly.

          If anything, giving the hype of the PS4 and the Xbone for the year leading up to launch, I find the PS4 super disappointing and the Xbone a nice surprise!

      Yeah I had to go with Destiny too. I played the Beta and found it soooo massively meh (ironically I kinda liked the dinkleghost though). I didn't get the game so I guess I can't really judge that far. Just that It COULD have been exactly the game I've been waiting for (basically a borderlands MMO I've come to realise).

    Lol. Pre-Order Pants

    I would have said Dark Souls 2, but I'm being totally immature and hoping that 343i once again wins this reward to justify my immature ranting!

      Fanboyism and anti-fanboyism aside, MCC sounds like a complete clusterfuck to fans and newcomers alike,
      Huge filesize updates, perpetually broken matchmaking, unplayably bad lag in co-op, the MCC has NOT had a good run.

    Why isn't http://www.kotaku.com.au/2014/11/kotaku-awards-2014-nominate-your-biggest-disappointment-of-the-year/comment-page-1/#comment-3050746 on the list? lol

      I was wondering the same! Marky place "Myself" in the pooooollll!!!!!

    you can only vote once?

      Yeah, too many to choose from here. It's pretty sad when THIS is probably the toughest poll of the lot to choose just one item from.

    hahaha, my nomination for pre-order pants made it :D

    if i knew i could only vote once i wouldnt of put civ: beyond earth first. grrrrrrr

    So many disappointments. So few votes.

    I went with Thief. Destiny was a disappointment, Watch_Dogs was OK, but I can understand how people would be disappointed, but in terms of the biggest disappointment, the 90s tween gamer in me feels like it has to defend classic Garrett's reputation.

    I'm disappointed I still haven't got my PSN+ DriveClub =(

    *looks at siliconera*
    *is very envious on what 3ds games are japan exclusive*
    *really envious that australia doesn't get the blazblu theme or the spinoff game done with the chibi versions of its characters*

    I want to vote for dragon age because of the bad pc controls and simplified combat system. Well at least it got me motivated to go back and play origins.

    I guess overall the biggest disappointment this year has been Ubisoft in general. I think they have definitely overtaken EA as the greediest and most corrupt game developer.

    Would have voted AC:Unity, but after spending hours trying to transfer files across, and trying to get Uplay to detect the 45GB of data it was insisting on overwriting, I never actually got to play it. Would have voted Destiny, but I'm still playing it... Had to go for GamerGate, purely because of how much it depressed me. I wasn't even exposed to a lot of it, and it still saddened me to see the way people treated each other.

    Unity was the only time I cancelled a pre-order, based on Ubisoft's shitty behaviour and review embargo. Luckily the EU release was a few days after the US, otherwise I would have been stuck with that garbage. For a game I was REALLY looking forward to (I'm a French history/culture buff) it was so disappointing to say, well, I'm not going to get it in the state that it is in.

    Pretty sure anyone who doesn't vote GamerGate as the biggest disappointment of 2014, or even the past decade needs to sort their priorities out, pronto.

      Damnit... i didnt see that on the list >< i think i am trying to block everything Gamergate out of my life.

      I got burnt on a few games last year. *Shakes fist at SimCity on the shelf*
      So, I haven't bought in to enough hype this year to be disappointed.

      Everything I see related to GamerGate continues to make me sad. Even worse, seeing acquaintances complain about ' the women out to ruin their games'.

      The option in the poll should be renamed to:
      'GamerGate.... oh god, gamergate /picard.jpg'

      Last edited 02/12/14 4:04 pm

      I dunno about disappointment. That would imply you expected something better to begin with. Worst Thing of the Year certainly, but I'm not sure that I was really surprised.

        That's the thing - I do expect better of people to act like decent, rational human beings to one another.

        Is that too much to ask for?

          *shakes magic eight ball*

          Eight ball says "Yes"

          Generally they do. But just like everything in life it's the asshole minority that ruins it for everyone.

          Yes, I see your point. I expect that too, but I'm not sure that I expect that of the internet.
          Gamergate can be horrible and a lot of it is the worst of it's type I've ever seen, but similar incidents have been happening for ages. Every time I see a swatting incident I wince.

          We need ways to prevent this without ruining some of the things that make the internet great. Unfortunately I don't have an answer to that. I'm hoping that the awareness that Gamergate is pushing into the general public brings with it some solutions.

          I'm not saying you're wrong, i'm pretty sure we agree what decency is but i think it's important to consider how we appear to those who are ignorant of why all of this is so awful for particular parts of our audience. They literally think we're just attacking people randomly, literally. They aren't evil, they're bigoted and need to understand perspective. I'm not sure that's going to happen if people just keep throwing out blanket condemnations (not that it shouldn't be condemned). The first rule of debate and discourse is to attack the argument, not the person, unfortunately both sides are (perhaps not equally) pretty guilty of this and of poor communication. Just because you think something is easy to comprehend, doesn't mean it applies to everyone else.

          People seem to consistently come up with excuses to fling shit when we should really just show we're better than that and discussion can be had if we let it. Absolving ourselves completely of all responsibility to engage people doesn't help progress even if it makes you feel better about yourself.

          Last edited 03/12/14 2:33 pm

            Yep, you didn't say that I'm wrong. Not sure why you felt that you needed to open with that before continuing the discussion.

      I wouldn't same GamerGate is a disappointment. Disappointment implies you had high hopes for something and it failed to meet your expectations. GamerGate met my expectation of being a bunch of circle-jerking boys pretending to care about their "hobby" while systematically alienating everyone who isn't a gamer and threatening violence against those don't immediately conform to their way of thinking.

      GamerGate didn't disappoint me, it just made me angry as hell.

    Le watch_Doge... it was "fun" (Read: Bearable) for one play through. then off my hard drive it went.

    Gotta be lack of 3DS games. I played some incredible ones this year. But they were all last year's releases.

    Mike Tarno appears to be absent from the list. Pls fix!

    I kinda want to say Playstation Plus for the lack of AAA games but I've been engrossed completely on Rainbow Moon.

    Ubisoft, presenting the clearest challenge yet to EA's title of "Worst Company in America".

    Halo: Master Chief Collection for me.

    Destiny may have been boring, but at least it was playable. Halo MCC's main attraction is still broken and it's almost been a whole month since release. Completely pathetic when you're paying upto $100 AUD for a digital copy. I only paid $60 for mine but I still feel like a stooge for buying a digital copy.

    I think that's a bit unfair about the 3DS...

    There was: Kirby: Triple Deluxe, Fantasy Life, Tomodachi Life, Persona Q, Shin Megami Tensei IV, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call, Pokemon ORAS, Super Smash Bros, Shovel Knight, Mario Golf: World Tour, Yoshi's New Island, Pokemon Art Academy and probably others.

    That seems like a lot to me, hell, I didn't even buy them all. Between Fantasy Life and Pokemon ORAS there is 70 hours of my life accounted for.

    Why is their no "all of the above" option?


    You can't debate a clear distinction in objective hardware specifications, which is directly responsible for the PS4s superiority in relation to the performance of games. The XB1 does not perform "better" in any way what so ever. Don't be silly.

    Regardless of it's other features, I'm inclined to say that supporting a Microsoft product and actually trying to get people believe it's worth the money is damn hilarious. I don't like Sony either, but at least their console can hold up the current standard.

    Kids and their childish console wars.....

    To hell with just one nomination.... I nominate the following:
    Civilization: Beyond Earth
    Dark Souls 2
    Lack of PS Vita Games
    Xbox One

    I've heard that Assassin's Creed and Batman were both terrible, luckily I managed to read this before I purchased so I managed to save a bit of cash for other crappy games.

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