Kotaku Awards 2014: Vote For Your Console Game Of The Year

We've gotten all your nominations. Time to vote for your favourite console game of the year.

It's funny — this time of the year it tends to be all about the video games released in the last couple of months. But looking through this list there are a fair few I'd forgotten about. Choosing a winner this year is gonna be tough.


    Wow... I've only played 2 of those games... plenty on there that I'd like to play still though...

    Where's Call of Duty, Halo and Assassins Creed: Unity? Are they damaged or something?

      This is Best console game of the year. Not Worst. Actually maybe it is....Watch Dogs is on there.

    Bayonetta > Smash Bros > Mario Kart > Donkey Kong

    Mark was going to list next gen GTA V, but had to pull it from the poll after being petitioned by Target and Kmart.

      Don't mention banned games! I'm going to get your comment pulled from this website!

        Not wihtout atleast 40,000 signatures you won't!

    Damn, that's a pretty groovy list right there. And people thought this was a bad year for games! You could buy one of these every two weeks and be very happy.

    Man... it's a toss up between Wolfenstien and Dragon Age.



    *tosses coin*

    No Shovel Knight? Was hoping I could cure my guilt and vote for it here, while voting for Alien on the PC vote, but alas, no Shovel Knight.

    *votes Alien*

    Loved Infamous and Watch Dogs, but Far Cry 4 wins for me. 35 hours in and still loving it.

    Man. How do I pick between DK, Bayo and Smash?

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