Kotaku Awards 2014: Vote For Your Favourite Handheld Game

Last week we took your nominations, now it's time to start voting. What was your favourite handheld game of 2014?

I maintain that it wasn't the best years for handhelds, especially considering that 2013 might have been the best year ever for handheld games, but someone (rightly) pointed out to me that it's a matter of personal taste. If you're into JRPGs? Man, 2014 was a humdinger.

Drop your vote below!


    I didn't put in a nom... which would have been for Velocity 2X, but at the same time there is one game on the list that I loved to bits, so it got my vote anyway...

    Long Live Danganronpa and Chapter 5 onwards, just some magnificent stuff!

      No love for Miku chan?

        I clearly posted both Project Diva f and Project Diva F 2nd in the nominations thread, as the western version was released in 2014. Mark (or whoever did the poll list) has overlooked the nominations, yet has somehow seen fit to include Akiba's Trip (amongst others) which was originally released in 2013. I think there is an anti-Vocaloid bias here at Kotaku, and it STINKS!

        hehehe... that too...

        It's strange, here I am voting for something that could loosely be classed as a game, whereas something like Project Diva is pure game... One is story with some occasional input, the other is a collection of various song taped together into a package.

        I should theoretically be voting for Project Diva also, because of how much actual replay value it has and the remainder of the year will be lost to Project Diva 2 on the way to work, but I guess for me this year, Danganronpa was that something different that I wasn't always familiar with and that's why it got the nod (plus as Zambayoshi points out, there is no Project Diva).

        The problem now in having 2 entries in both series hitting the western world in a single year, it's going to seem like an eternity before we get another from each series. :(

          The 3DS Diva game gets released early next year ;) See you there! :p

    With 80 hours in Fantasy Life I'd say that is my top for this year, with Etrian Odyssey Untold close behind, Persona Q isn't out here yet, but that would probably be up there too.

    Rogue legacy doesn't count because it came out cross-platform?
    Play that pretty much exclusively on the Vita

    Hey Mark, where's Project Diva f, Project Diva F 2nd??? They were both released in 2014. Is Kotaku censoring the poll now?

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