Kotaku Awards 2014: Vote For Your Favourite Mobile Game Of The Year

Last week we asked for your nominations. You have them. Loads of them. Now we have mega polls. Polls as long as the eye can read. Time to vote for your favourite mobile game of the year.

This is always a cool one for me. With console and PC nominations chances are I know every game on this list. With mobile? It's always a chance to find new games to check out.

Please drop your vote below!


    Isn't that title kind of an oxymoron? :P

      Probably taking the bait here but: how do you figure?

        I'm thinking maybe using the term 'Favourite Game of the Year'....

        Not so much of an oxymoron, perhaps just more of a redundant use of the words? Logically, a Game of the Year would by default be a 'favourite'.
        [I didn't pick up on it at first, but that's just being pedantic in attempt to work out what @neo_kaiser meant in their comment :p ]

          That's would be a tautology - two identical concepts (though in this case I'd argue that it's a perfectly valid phrase - what was your favourite game of the year, we don't have a consensus yet). Oxymoron is two contradictory concepts.

          I think it is vote for your favourite. It might be a technically worse game, others have better stories, or nicer art. Rather than try to say what is best vote for the one you like most.

    Hearthstone even though it barely worked on ipads.

      How so? I've never had any trouble on my pad.

    For puzzle quest lovers, Gems of war is epic and was made by the original team unlike marvel puzzle quest. Give it a go!

      My favourite mobile game of the year. Although 80 days was great too.

    Would have to say Trials as its the only game on that list I've played.

    I never played Hearthstone on Ipad, only on PC so I'm going to pretend that that game is not on the list, and voted for Monument Valley. I'll be honest, that and desert golfing are the only games on this list I've played. I really want to check out 80 days but I'm on android.

    So many good games. Who would have believed it? I haven't played Framed yet so that might end up being my favourite, pending, but still lots of good games. Gems of War is brilliant and made in Melbourne. :)

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