Kotaku Awards 2014: Vote For Your Favourite Online Experience

Online experiences have been a bit brutal in 2014 — but there still have been some high spots. The weird thing about online gaming is that we don't notice if it works well. We only notice when it's failing us. This is a good chance to recognise the online experiences that have been good to us!

Here are your nominations. Get to voting!


    In terms of actual online experiences, nothing comes close to Twitch Plays Pokemon.

    I mean, in what what other world would something like this be so damned amazing?

    I'm going with Twitch Plays Pokemon because despite a lot of people working against them, it proved that people were capable of working together and helping each other.

    Destiny, met/befriended more people playing that in last few months than I have in the last 7 or 8 years or gaming.

      I wish you were playing on PS3 so we could play together :(

    I forgot Twitch Plays Pokemon was a thing.

    I didn't really watch it myself, just followed it via friends who talked about it. But it was a pretty amazing story to follow.

      That's the short attention span of the internet at work.

        A year's worth of time flies by so fast.

        But a year's worth of internet feels like forever.

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          I even had to double check that TPP was this year when I nominated it.

          If something is a few weeks old, it's ancient.

    I went with titanfall, through out the beta and the release i never had a single issue. The game didn't live up to the hype but the online experience was flawless.

      This. Also Australian servers within days of the game's release was fantastic. Game died out sooner than I'd hoped, but was great fun while it lasted - and like you said, never once had any connectivity or latency issues.

    What is the online component of transistor?

      It was my nomination, so I'll be happy to answer.

      Transistor has passive online features. For example, when running through the game, you will see silhouettes of other players blink in and out of existence briefly.
      Also, the OVC terminal votes are submitted, and the results you see are real results based on votes of other players.
      As I said in my nomination post, it was super subtle, but it was totally non-intrusive and was a really nice touch to add some extra depth into the game.

      Not all online components need to be competitive multiplayer, or even interactive. It's nice to see it used for some extra little details in single player games.

    Where's Warlords of Draenor?

      I'd hope it wouldn't make it to the list. Almost 3 weeks later and I'm still regularly plagued by load screen disconnects, various unavailable instances, including my garrison, the ever wonderful 'World Server is Down' and 250+ ms ping when I can actually get into my garrison.

      That's excluding the debacle that was it's launch week. 10 hour+ queues on some servers, maintenance every night for the first three (?) nights and even when you could get on, you were plagued by lag and bugged quests/mobs - in addition to the problems detailed in my first paragraph.

      I'm loving the expansion, but it's been the roughest xpac drop I've seen on WoW full stop. Really, really substandard effort on Blizzard's part. They've got the money and experience, being the 5th expansion I was certain they would've done better.

      EDIT: And yes, I'm aware ANY online game is going to have issues at launch - but this being Blizzard and WoW, I expected far better.

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      Yeah I reckon TPP wins this easily, but WoD should be on there, especially with finally getting Aussie servers.

    I'll back Twitch Plays Pokemon for uniqueness, but I did spend hours playing / streaming League of Legends earlier this year.

    Destiny Raid- best coop experience available in gaming.

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