Kotaku Awards 2014: Vote For Your Most Anticipated Game Of 2015

Man, there really were a lot of nominations for this award and going through them has actually made me super enthusiastic for the year to come.

There are games coming out that aren't Bloodborne! Who knew?

Vote for your most anticipated game below.


    ARGH! Making me choose between The Witcher 3 and Bloodborne!

    *jumps out window*

    Wait just one gosh darn minute.


      Isn't that out soon or something? I was surprised to see reviews popping up already.

    That's a hard poll. In the end, I had to pick Bloodborne, but there's some great stuff coming next year.

    Why isnt Quantum Break on the list?

    Anyway, that's my most anticipated. Loved Alan Wake and this one looks just as good. Cant wait!

    There’s very little there that I’m pant wettingly excited about…. How strange.
    I’m voting for Witcher 3 but I’m not expecting it to be my favourite game by the end of the year.

    Also there’s no way in hell Zelda hits stores next year AND is as good as we hope.
    If they’d shown more of it at E3 this year it’d be my top pick by miles!
    I just know that every other console Zelda game has been delayed and I expect WiiU Zelda to be the same. That said, Nintendo don’t have the WiiU lineup (or hardware staying power) to push the game into 2016….. so you never know.

    I went for Uncharted 4. Star Wars Battlefront was a close second.

    I voted Witcher 3, I would have voted for Uncharted 4, but know nothing of it just yet. I feel you should only include games that have some details out about them already.

    Batman it is

      No, I'll have a game of Bloodborne.


        Although you can only vote for one :P

          Well I was actually going for a Simpsons reference...

            Get two, I'm not sharing with Caitlin

            My brain is fried

    Xenoblade Chronicles for selfish reasons. I love my Wii U, but a giant RPG is exactly what it needs in its library.

    Im waiting for the annoucement date for Metal gear Solid 5 - Phantom Pain so i can take time off work. So excited for it.

    Last edited 05/12/14 12:27 pm

      Metal Gear for me.

      Woahhhhh Ohhhhhhhhhh

      I'm Nuuuuclearrrrr

    It's probably tomb raider...

    Which is crazy for me in a year that has a Halo, an Arkham, and a Star Wars game coming out.

      I'm properly looking at the list now and damn 2015 is gonna be a good year for gaming after a fairly barren year this year

      Last edited 05/12/14 12:26 pm

    Isn't star wars battle front 2016 or am I misinformed?

    I went with Zelda, but it was hard to toss up between Zelda, Star wars and xenoblade

    Battlefront, Bloodborne and Zelda. I need nothing else ever again.

    I can't hide it - I'm a Halo fanboy, so H5 all the way for me. If the rumoured semi-open world gameplay is true plus playing another spartan in search of MasterChief I'm already sold. And I really want to see what they do with Cortana, who I thought was fleshed out brilliantly in H4 (who doesn't love Jen Taylor??) I'll admit H4 multiplayer was slight let down, they just need to get back to it's roots but I'm more concerned with the campaign and lore.

    Obviously SW:Battlefront is a no brainer and Dying Light has sparked my interests too.

    Cant see either The Witness or Final Fantasy 15. They're my picks!

    Man, I am looking forward to like... at least ten on that list. Some on that list look like complete garbage and I don't know how they got there, but still. So huge!

    I went with The Order, I am keen for the whole story aspect... even if the game might be lite on gameplay (though, recent rumblings suggest there is alot more to the game than we've seen)

    Do not under estimate Assault Android Cactus also, this looks like it could be one of the best twin stick shooters ever... looks so intense!

    Most of the games I'm enthusiatic for never made it past the nomination stage so it was difficult to choose as I'm interested in the games on the list but they're not something I'm holding my breath and peeing my pants (if I wore any) for.

    A new Kingdom Hearts on next gen would be cool. but to be honest on that list there really isnt that much im excited about (Splatoon was close but after actually playing it the controls are terrible).

    Give me a new IP that im interested in ! haha

    Toss up between the division and satellite reign for me. Oh well, Aussie pride as the deciding factor

      +1 for satellite reign

      Even if it wasn't Australian made Satellite Reign pushes so many of my buttons I can't vote against it. That sort of sums up my feelings towards half the games on the list. =S

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