Kotaku Awards 2014: Vote For Your Overall Game Of The Year

Friends, it's time for the big one. The 2014 game of the year. Make your vote count!

This year's been a strange one. There's been disappointments, surprises but — in my opinion — no real definitive game of the year. I expect this might be the closest vote we've had in years.

Drop your vote in the poll below.


    It has just occurred to me that most of the games I finished this year weren't games of 2014.

      Mostly the exact same situation as above, except I did finish Child of Light, and 2 imports that doesnt count, namely God Eater 2 and Gundam Breaker. God Eater 2 would be my GOTY but being not released in AUD, so COL have to get my vote.

    Shame Elite didnt make the list, because its amazing. Dragonage is a good winner.

    Looking at this list, I really feel like I've missed most of this year in gaming. Oh well, guess I'll just have to catch up.

    I've played three 2014 games. My decision was quite a simple one! :)

    In Shovel Knight we trust

    A lot of good games there with some having very excellant plots and excellent themes

    I Am very Biased but WOD blew me away with amazing content i have to put my vote there.

    South Park.

    I think Dark Souls 2 was really under-rated.

    Sure, it lacked the twisted, linked vertical labyrinthine world that was the first game, but it made a number of improvements to the Souls formula while maintaining the classic Souls gameplay and atmosphere and delivering an epic and surreal new adventure. Can't wait for the PS4 version.

    If I could pick a second choice it would be Shadow of Mordor, it's still the only new gen game to really impress me - its innovation and execution made for an enjoyable and unique experience that was just fun to play, moment to moment.

      I held off buying the 360 version, even when it was on sale, and waited and waited and was rewarded with the announcement of the PS4 version. Super-pumped for its release now!

        EDIT: Reply fail

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    Hearthstone - because it was the only one on the list I spent any significant time playing this year. I'm an old family man now so I wait for discounts on everything before I buy so I think all my games this year were from 2012/13. Sad but true

    Funny how quite a few of these titles are also on the most disappointing of 2014 poll?

    I've played more Hatsune Miku Project Diva F 2nd than any other game this year, and I'll still be playing it this time next year (unless PDF3rd is released). It gets my vote for pure fun and vocaloid awesomeness.

      Just looked up what that is on Google image search, and still have no freaking idea. Also some of the fan-art images were ever-so-slightly NSFW. So what the hell is it?

        Hmmm... something akin to Osu! Tatakae! Ouedan! ?

        Rhythm Game... there is a demo on PSN for PS3 or Vita, but basically think Dance Dance Revolution but with inputs for your hands...

        It's basically synthesized voices, attached to anime-style personae with a side helping of moe and fabulous, singing while you match button inputs to the rhythm for high score and waifu approval!

          Also long plays of this game definitely will kill your vita or controller, especially apparent in Extreme Mode.

      Funny that it's listed on this list and wasn't on the portable list! lol Anyway, voted for this also, seeing as there is only 1 other game I played from that list...

      Normal has been completed, but I'll head back to Easy to check that off the list, before going onto the harder difficulties. It does feel harder than the first one though, perhaps that's because of the Linked Stars (fuck them off though), but the chart patterns seem to to really train you with constant changes in even the early songs.

        I think I saw you writing about this on the Neogaf thread (I've been trying to become a member for SO long... but anyway) and I agree that the linked stars are a bit painful until you memorise their speed and particularly the speed changes they sometimes have. I used to think I had to keep my thumb on the Vita for the linked notes but you can play them just like normal stars. The only difference is that you get bonus points for maintaining the sequence.

    Having now played Smash Bros, I still like Bayonetta 2 more. It's like the most incredible fight scene ever, only you are actually in full control what's going on. And every single fight is like that.

      This. Bayonetta 2 was outstanding. Pure gaming brilliance from start to finish.

      Shadow of Mordor was also good. As was Wolfenstein and Mario Kart 8.

      Worst game of the year. The Crew. Easily.

      That's basically why I liked Wonderful 101 and wouldn't shut up about it all last year. Also for hilarity.

      Really need to crack out Bayo.

    How did Watch Dogs make this list?

      So The Developers can see how to hopefully learn from their previous mistakes in How Over hyping a game too early, which is still considered a decent game, leaves people to always feel disappointed when comparing to a product built by your imagination for more than 12 months.

    For me, a lot of these games I was hyped up for pre-release, I won't deny it. Then I played them, and now... now I wonder what I saw in them to begin with. Don't get me wrong, aside from Destiny, Titanfall and watch dogs - I actually enjoyed most of the games I played. None of them really screamed GOTY to me.

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    I feel guilty for voting in these polls because I haven't played even half the games on this list. But then, almost no one has. Also, a great game will generally (not always but generally) find a large audience.

    I was asking myself "why the heck is Crossy Road on this list?" then I realised just how much time I have spent on that game in the last couple of weeks!

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