Kotaku Awards 2014: Vote For Your PC Game Of The Year

I freely admit that I neglected PC gaming this year, I think because the PS4 and Xbox One felt so new. But there were still some absolute gems, obviously. What was your favourite PC game of the year?

Drop your votes below!


    Elite: Dangerous

      I second this motion! E:D for the win!

    No borderlands pre sequel?

      So many particles... Definitely a different game to the console version.

        Well if alien isolation is on the list then borderlands pre sequel should also.

    The only game I've gotten on PC from this year has been Wasteland 2. I was massively keen on Divinity: Original Sin though so I'll vote for that. Everything else I have gotten on console so I can play in the living room

    Of my shortlist, only 1 thing has made this list... so i'm therefore voting for. The banner saga.

    Seriously, no Legend of Grimrock 2? Easily the best game I've played all year. In fact it's the best game I've played since Skyrim.

    Alright. I'll say it: Dragon Age Inquisition. There. I've thrown my hat into the ring. No. You can't shut me up! What? Lunch? Sure! I'll have some Vietnamese pho with extra sprouts.

    The only game I really cared about this year was The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth.

    I voted for banished. It's the only pc game I played on pc this year that didn't make me wish it was on a console. That or wasteland 2 but I enjoyed banished more.

      I really liked Banished but it's not the kind of game I'll go back to play again. Once you know how to play it well there isn't really much more to it.

        That's true. I found it hard at first and my first few saves were really enjoyable and I liked that it was the kind of game that left you feeling like you had an unscripted story but after you get the hang of it it's easy to prosper and pointless.

    As much as I really really want to give it to Mount your Friends, it's gotta be Warlords.

    dammit Banner Saga I wanted to vote Draenor or Endless Legend....

    Hearthstone for me. Best free to play ever.



    It hurt not to vote for Shovel Knight :( but I just had to give it to Alien, if only for being the ultimate tribute to my all time favorite film, and being such a risky game.

    Maybe you need a journo who is PC gamer? I have feeling this list has left out a lot of great indy titles and PC exclusives.

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    Voted Shadow of Mordor.
    I Haven't played such breezy controls yet with (almost) as much precision as I desire in a long time.

    Wow Mark didn't play PC games despite despairing of the lack of titles for PS4 this year. Good work hypocrite.

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