Kotaku Gift Guides: For The Gamer Who Buys All Their Own Games

I am the worst person to buy presents for. You probably are too.

Here’s the thing: you like video games. People are aware of this. They know they should buy you something to with video games, but what? You buy everything you want and people are unsure what the hell you have and don’t have. How do you shop for this person? How the hell does someone shop for you or someone like you?

It’s a tricky one, but I’ve had a wee think about it and I have a few suggestions…

Sweet Steam Dollars

When Kotaku’s old designer/tech dude/Destiny addict left our company there was much debate about his going away present. It was decided early on that we would get him some sort of video game gift, but what? Ben was the kind of guy who already had everything.

The answer? Precious Steam bucks.

I didn’t know this until recently, but if you head into EB Games they will sell you a Steam DLC code, adjusted for the current exchange rate. They will print out a receipt and staple it to a piece of cardboard and create a makeshift Steam Gift card. For Ben we did an office round-up and he ended up with a fairly decent chunk of dollars for his Steam account. This came in super handy when Steam sales came around.

EB Games sells these cards in set amounts. The price varies according the exchange rate, but you can buy US$50 or US$20 and receive a DLC code for that amount. A rubbish looking receipt with a code printed on it might not look like much under the Christmas tree, but Steam bucks in the bank is a pretty awesome gift to have.

The Art Book No-one Can Justify Buying

I’ve always thought the best gifts are the indulgences you really, really want but can’t justify. Art books tend to fall into that category, particularly those super expensive art books.

The one that springs to my mind is Dark Souls: Design Works. That book was super premium, so expensive, and a completely silly indulgence — even for hardcore Dark Souls fans. This is the sort of thing that is perfect as a gift. Every person who plays has that one video game they connected with on a different level. Find out what that game is and buy them the stupidly expensive art book they can’t really afford or justify. They will love you for it.

Something Custom Made And Unique

I’m thinking specifically something like a controller or, if you’re keen to splash some cash, maybe a custom made console?

The reason I say controllers is because I think there’s definitely space to create a really unique and personal controller for a loved one that they would absolutely cherish. Maybe they’re a sports fan and you can get the controller done in the colours of their favourite team? Maybe you feel as though you could help create something that suits their general tastes? Either way there are a few great sites that can help you create custom controllers and will ship to Australia.

The Controller Shop seems like a really great choice. They have a ‘lab’ section that allows you to add specific colours, different effects, etc. It can end up being a little on the pricey side, but man: this would be such an excellent gift.

Heizy is my wife. Hi honey!

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