Kotaku's 2014 Gift Guide To Awesomely Bad Games

Kotaku's 2014 Gift Guide To Awesomely Bad Games

Still doing your last-minute shopping? Some people get coal for Christmas — or, if you're an adult, an excellent prank gift — and there are certainly video game equivalents to choose from.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Merry Christmas! Here, have this game that only as of recently half works! You can play with friends, kind of! You can play all the classic playlists, kind of! All of your nostalgia can now be replaced by unfound matches and bugs. Yay.

Sonic Boom

Kotaku's 2014 Gift Guide To Awesomely Bad Games

Get this...especially for an old-school Sonic fan. Just imagine the big droplets of tears that say, "Why? Why would you do this?" And then tell them about how edgy the new art design is.

Desert Golfing

Luke Plunkett writes:

"Desert Golfing is one of the best games of 2014 . For some. For a while. Play it long enough though and the sand makes fools of us all."

Shadow of Mordor (On Xbox 360/PS3)

Yannick LeJacq writes:

"You know that game everyone is talking about with the awesome new Nemesis System and amazing combat and creepy orcs that seem to remember everything about you? Well, here's that game...except it looks bad, runs even worse, and has a 'limited' version of the Nemesis System. What's wrong?"

Warehouse and Logistics Simulator

We've seen thousands of weird and cute and all other sorts of adjectives pertaining to simulators this year, but nothing looks quite as dull as this one.


    Hey now, Desert Golfing is an actually amazing game.

    No mention of Bad Rats. Disappointing!

    $0.19 on Steam for something so gloriously terrible it'll have your friends thanking you for years to come.

    To be fair I've put 30 hours into halos single player campaigns without a single issue. For people who just want to play those it's a good good gift still.

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