Listen To Some Halo 5 Music, If You'd Like

Video: We captured it from the upcoming game's multiplayer beta, which just started for some Xbox One gamers and will launch wider later this month.


    Can't connect the music to Halo from just listening to it on its own, but it'll be interesting to see the rest of the soundtrack. The piece(s) were still great though.

    I think I'm one of the only people I know that liked what Neil Davidge did with Halo 4. Sure it wasn't the classic themes but I thought it suited the game itself well.

    I always saw Halo 1 - 3 as Master Chief's story , where as Halo 4 - 6 seems to be about John 117... if that makes sense.

    Never been a fan of the games themselves but damned if I dont love the music from the halo games

      Sometimes I'll boot up the MCC just to listen to the start and menu music.

    It's nice to hear the brass and bright melodies that 4 seemed to shy away from. I love the colour and momentum in the rise and fall of the movements. I'd like to hear more of the mythological themes that Halo is known for though. The music in this video is very energetic and modern, but it's missing the ponderous and ancient tones Marty wove into the tunes.

    This music tells me many things with the emotion and the way it is written. Can't wait.

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    I loved halo 4's music I thought 117 and "arrival" were the best and this doesn't dissapoint.

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