Mad Catz Is Making Tractor Controls For Farming Simulator

Mad Catz Is Making Tractor Controls For Farming Simulator

While it’s often the butt of jokes, Giants Software’s Farming Simulator series is serious business — so serious that peripheral maker Mad Catz is creating custom Saitek-branded farm equipment controls for the franchise’s most dedicated players.

You can’t control a tractor with a racing wheel. You can, but the experience isn’t going to be anywhere near realistic. You need a wheel that’s tilted upwards, with a high degree of roatation and maybe one of those little knobs on it. As luck would have it, that’s exactly what Mad Catz’s Saitek team are working on.

Not only are they working on a knobbed wheel that shall come standard with a set of gas and brake pedals, Saitek is also working on a custom side panel with a front loader control stick and other useful, properly-placed buttons and switches.

The new hardware is aimed for a pre-holiday 2015 release, and will work with Farm Simulator 2013, 2015 and all future releases. Interested parties can sign up for information at the Saitek site.

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