Mad Max: Fury Road Looks Surprisingly Incredible

I say surprisingly because from what I had heard, Director George Miller was having a hard time getting the project off the ground. I assumed there had to be something wrong with it. From what I've seen so far there is nothing wrong with it. I need this movie ASAP.

So the trailer is great, that doesn't mean the movie will be great. OR DOES IT? The early buzz from the few folks who have seen early cuts of the full film is also fantastic. Most people are saying this is going to be pretty spectacular. It looks like the best action movie from 10 years in future. It looks like it came from outer space.

Long story short, my hype engines are on blast. I cannot wait for this.


    Wish I liked Mad Max as much as everyone else :-(

      You watch all of them? Or just one? Because imo, the second is the far far superior of the three out. I thought one was good for what it was, super low budget, but 3 was kinda terrible.

        Mad Max is great, Road Warrior is just sort of .... weird. I mean it's the post apocalypse and there are packs of barbaric highway men raping and pillaging their way up and down the country... yet you can still take your 2 year old kid to the shop for an ice cream apparently.

          I think you have it the wrong way around, I can't remember any ice cream in the Road Warrior? Unless it was in that tanker truck at the end, if so then I can better understand why they would chasing it so fanatically.

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            This is where the issues of Titles comes into play, names of those movies have played musical chairs frequently :P

              As far as I can remember it was. . .
              Mad Max
              Mad Max 2
              Mad Max 3

              In America it was. . .
              Mad Max
              The Road Warrior
              Mad Max 3

              Mad Max had the ice cream.
              Max's kid and wife went to get ice cream. They were staying at the grand parents farm when the bikers showed up. Then they got run over. . .

              Yeh the thing is Mad Max 1 isn't set in the apocalypse at all and is a bit boring until the last act. It's pretty much your run of the mill revenge story. Mad Max 2 takes it to a whole other level and is such a different movie.

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                The first one is set in a crumbling society, plus it is in the remote outback. Max is a cop. There are hints of war.

                The second one is set further in the outback, years later as society has completely crumbled after fuel shortages. Max is a wanderer. There is some kind of massive war going on between superpowers, but that is far away.

                In between the second and third movies, there is a nuclear exchange.

                I think that is about right but I haven't seen them in a while.

        I was never able to sit through it when younger.
        Should try again now that I pretend I'm mature

    I've never seen a Mad Max film, so I'm going in unbiased and fresh.
    That looked awesome.

      I'm torn between telling you that you absolutely must go out and watch the 2nd movie right now, or just letting you remain unbiased.

      Mad Max 2 is super iconic, though. If you've ever seen/played a post-apocalyptic movie or game then you've seen its influence. It's a bit like the Godfather, almost ruined now because of how often it has been referenced in other media.

    I started thinking 'Borderlands' while watching this.

      Yeah, I totally got that. Borderlands definitely pulled a lot from this series.

      Hahah and I was thinking "Mad Max" when I first saw Borderlands! :P

    I hadn't really paid too much attention till now, and I didn't realise George Miller was involved - that really makes things awesome. And from the little you heard Tom Hardy speak, his accent sounded pretty good, too.

    Bring it on.

    There were goosebumps. All signs point to yes.

    I feel like I have been waiting for this forever.

    Seriously still in shock every time we see something new from this as I honestly can't believe it's actually real. Beyond happy to see this when it drops, The Road Warrior is godly.

    This looks pretty great.

    The only part that saddens me a little is the way pretty much none of the primary cast are Australians. I know that they have to do what they can to get the movie made and ensure that it's marketable, but Mad Max is one of our very few genuine Aussie blockbusters, it would have been nice to see it starring home grown talent.

    Still very keen to see it, though.

      Mad Max 3 wasn't loaded with foreigners - only Tina Turner comes to mind. Of course, that was from a different era.

      They should have stuck Sam Worthington in as Mad Max.

    A guy on AICN said it best: "It feels like I should have had to pay to watch that trailer."

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