Man Buys PlayStation 4 From Walmart, Says He Got Two Bags Of Rocks

Man Buys PlayStation 4 From Walmart, Says He Got Two Bags Of Rocks

A Denver man who purchased a PlayStation 4 bundle from a Stapleton, Colorado Walmart was reportedly surprised to discover two taped sacks of rocks instead of the game console.

We run across one of these almost every holiday season it seems, but sacks of rocks in PlayStation 4 boxes are normally the purview of Craigstlist, not a major retailer. Igor Baksht purchased the PlayStation 4 console last Friday as a present for his 13-year-0ld niece, according to 7News Denver, at which point the store employee who retrieved the unit from a locked case told him the Grand Theft Auto V bundle had previously been returned.

In case you were curious, that moment was the proper time to open up the unit and check the contents. If you ever purchase anything that had already been returned, not opening the box before dropping several hundred dollars is the dumbest thing you can do.

Mr. Baksht instead waited until he had left the store.

“Just to make sure everything was inside, that all the contents were inside, all the games were inside,” said Baksht. “When I opened it, I said, ‘Oh my God.’

The man also claims the employee who retrieved the unit for him commented on how heavy the box was.

Unable to return the unit to the original store as they had closed for the evening, Baksht took the box of rocks to a 24-hour Walmart and tried to return it there. That went over as one would expect.

On the morning of Saturday, December 20 he attempted to return it to the store it was purchased from, only to be told there was nothing they could do. So he called the store multiple times. He called Walmart’s corporate offices. Finally, on Christmas Eve, the store manager called Baksht and told him to come in and get his money back.

The gist of this story is this — at some point, either in the past month or so or just this week, Walmart traded a PlayStation 4 Grand Theft Auto V bundle, which Igor Baksht figured would be an appropriate gift for a 13-year-old girl, for two bags of rocks. Walmart — Save Money, Live Better.

Denver man finds a box full of rocks in the PlayStation 4 bundle he bought at Stapleton Walmart [7News Denver]


  • Why is he complaining? With PSN down now for 3 days, he can probably do more with the rocks than na actual PS4.

  • Why is he buying GTA for a 13 year old girl?! So many wrongs in this story.

    1. He bought an R18+ game for a 13 year old girl.
    2. He bought a pre owned console without checking it in store
    3. The sales assistant didnt note at all the game is for a mature audience
    4. The sales assistant should of checked also that all components were inside the box infront of the customer before selling it to them.

    But most importantly HE was buying GTA for a 13 year old girl!

      • Actually he was her uncle so he was probably trying to get cool uncle brownie points. Try being the parents that say you can’t play with the xmas present uncle Billy got you! God dam it uncle Billy

        • Yeah, just spent a week with my family, I have a 14yr old girl, and her uncle was there and did similar and worse things to earn ‘cool points’ including serving the teenage kids some shots one afternoon while the rest of us were organising other stuff.

      • That kind of attitude is why it took us so long to get an R18 rating here in Australia.
        Kids arent meant to play R18 games. Just like they arent meant to watch R18 movies. There is a reason we have a classifications standards board. As shitty as they are, theyre there to protect kids from stuff they arent meant to see. I sure as hell wouldnt want my 13yo daughter playing GTA5 with what happens in it.

      • Why the hell are people down voting you? I probably would have necked myself if I couldn’t play doom and quake as a kid.

    • 3. The sales assistant didnt note at all the game is for a mature audience

      The sales assistant wouldn’t have known it was intended for a 13 year old unless the guy actually told him.

      • Not to forget, the Sales assistant cannot stop the purchase as it is an adult legally purchasing the console. With the consent of the adult (the salesman is not required to grill further than asking simple questions) a 6 year old can legally be bought a copy of GTA V.

      • And also, when has it been the responsibility of the sales person to open the box and check the contents of a purchase.

        • Of a second hand sale yeah it is and that is for the same reason you don’t bother if its new; as these days most electronic products come with security seals and if they have been removed or tampered with its only natural to make sure. Failing that it is also the customers responsibility to check it otherwise they too look like a fool.

    • It’s because his name is Mr. Baksht, which is too close to sounding like batshit, a sub-classification of insane.
      I did doubletake at “bought PS4 for 13yo niece, the GTA5 bundle was bags of rocks” too.
      Point 3 might be moot, the assistant may not have been aware of the intended purchase recipient and point 4 too may be, as he may not have processed the return, only been aware of the fact it happened and expected the job to get done properly. I’ll give you 2 though. Also remember this happened in the states, classifications aren’t enforced for video games which in no way invalidates GTA purchased for 13yo as an argument, just thought I would put it out there.

    • Yes they should of checked first. Why didn’t they of checked it. If they had of checked it they would of known right away. Checking it first should of been the first thing they should of done.

  • In case you were curious, that moment was the proper time to open up the unit and check the contents. If you ever purchase anything that had already been returned, not opening the box before dropping several hundred dollars is the dumbest thing you can do.

    No it isn’t. Don’t be an asshole, do you blame all victims?

    • +1
      Normal humans don’t bother checking contents bought from a legitimate company.
      People who do that in long lines are pratts.

      • Apprently on the internet the “cool” thing to do is DEFEND the multi-billion dollar companies with long track records of screwing over their customers. Because “buyer beware” somehow trumps all corporate oversight and responsibility.

      • I do, but thats because anything pre-owned needs a quick look at before purchasing. Does the game disc have a ton of scratches on it? Does the console have any dents or missing any noticable parts (cables etc).

        Unlike a new product where there is a shiny manufacturer seal on it, pre-owned can be an interesting beast.

        But that may just be me…..

    • It’s always a good idea to double check yourself, but it’s the company’s responsibility to check it when it gets returned. And because that would have almost certainly happened, it does make this whole story look suspicious.

      • Wasn’t there a story a couple years back about walmart employees stealing consoles and replacing them with other items so they don’t feel empty? I don’t think the story has to be suspicious. Could be staff stealing or someone just traded it back in like that. I’ve bought 2 “refurbished” consoles from EB games (a wii and ps2), the wii didn’t turn on at all and the ps2 controller had 2 dead thumb sticks. They even have the balls to sells those as “refurbished” on the poster on the wall in the store yet they clearly haven’t even checked either of them over. They replaced both faulty parts and tested them in store this time with me. Stores SHOULD be testing anything returned but they often don’t.

    • If I order a burger without mayo, im checking it before I leave the store cause they never get it right. So i guess in some ways, perhaps you are responsible for checking that you got what you ordered.

      • agree with you here, if you are ordering out of the norm or buying in general something not standard stock, check it out before leaving. burger without mayo is a perfect example. buying a car with aftermarket parts too, check em out, make sure they are installed adequately. But if I go into a big-w and grab a PS4 off the shelf, I expect it to be a PS4

    • The point to check was definitely the stores responsibility when they first took the return, the second time to check was the customers responsibility

      • Well, no. You go into a store, and your are sold goods. You shouldn’t have to open it up in store and rifle through everything to make sure it is all there. It *might* be prudent to do so, but it certainly isn’t the buyer’s responsibility.
        The rocks being tidily taped up make me believe this is for real, not sure why, but it does.

        • If you buy a second hand product and walk out the store without checking it more fool you (whwhich is what a returned unit is, which it seems he was well aware of) no store is going to offer refunds when you walk back in and something is wrong. Yes the store should have checked themselves iin the first place, they were clearly in the wrong if this is legit, but prudence is key and they are under no obligation if you buy sight unseen.

    • Exactly, it’s Walmart; I mean I’ve worked in retail before and where I used to work we weren’t really supposed to let customers open the box of a $15 fan, let alone the box of a $600 console.

  • pfft, what’s he complaining about? that much crack would be worth heaps more than the actual console…

  • I’m amazed Walmart took it back :O

    Also why would they sell someone a used product without checking what’s inside first? There are so many things wrong with this news.

  • I worked for a department store in Aus. A customer came in and successfully returned a $5k Bose Lifestyle unit. The manager who returned it inspected the box and seals, and was confident that the unit had not been opened.

    It was then sold to a customer who returned it later that day as the box had been filled with bricks to the correct weight. It is so easy for these silly mistakes to happen.

    The sales assistant should always open the box on return to ensure the goods are actually being returned. Also, check serials numbers as I have seen people try and return faulty/damaged goods in new boxes….

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