Microsoft Fixes Australian Xbox One Update Issues

For the last week or so you may have been having issues with your Xbox One. Specifically, you might have been having extreme difficulties downloading updates for games on your console. I should know, I was one of them. For the past 7 days I've been unable to update anything, but it looks as though Microsoft has identified and fixed the issue.

Yesterday I asked Microsoft what was going on. Turns out the issue was limited to Australia and it was a problem with local internet service providers.

"This was not a global issue and was only impacting a select number of customers accessing Xbox Live through a specific ISP," said a Microsoft spokesperson. "We worked directly with our partner to resolve the issues as quickly as possible and access should be fully restored."

Microsoft wouldn't name the specific ISP causing problems, but I'm with Internode and a number of people having the issue appeared to be using iiNet.

I had partly hoped the issue might have been related to the new Azure Data Centres opened in Sydney and Melbourne. Microsoft hasn't confirmed the centres will be used for Xbox LIVE services, but it's widely expected that they will, as this is the norm in every other region. We're hoping to have news along those lines before the year is out.


    Yep, I'm with Internode and was unable to play Halo:MCC due to an impossible to download update. It all seems to be working now, so at least I can play the Halo campaigns. It's a shame that Halo multiplayer is still DOA, but that's a separate issue.

      Same here. Heard there was an update for MCC, was confuzzled why my Xbox wouldn't do it

    Yup, updates were stopping and starting. I blame the leprechaun.

    Thanks for following this up Mark. I am also with Internode and faced these issues for a few days. The problem limited to an ISP explains why support had no idea what was going on for a while. Compounding the issue for me was the timing of the problem occurring exactly when I received my replacement Xbone from MS after optical drive failure. I sat for hours trying to download previous titles and install and update thinking I had been sent a dud.

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    Uh huh, and yesterday we had a bunch of fanboys telling me my XBOX One was absolutely downloading as well as my PS4.

      The problems weren't XBOX Live wide. I know personally I didn't experience any issues at all. When the XBOX One launched I had some problems with downloading updates and install times that seemed to be relatively uncommon amongst other XBOX owners. I also had a similar problem for months (I think it may have even been years) with World of Warcraft and a specific sub-group of people connected via my ISP. Crazy stuff happens in them tubes. =P

      Sorry, I misread that as 'their XBOX Ones' and thought you were complaining that fanboys were telling you lies.

    I am still having these issues - thanks Mark for saving my sanity.... Son got Skylanders for his 5th birthday and it was refusing to run the update past 3%..... unhappy child. I think we will stick with offline mode for a few days.... (until the children are in bed at least...)

      From what I can tell it works now. I haven't been able to check at home. But all the threads I've been keeping tabs on are full of people saying "YAY IT WORKS NOW!"

        The problem is if I try to update, and it gets stuck, I have two boys who will look at me with the sad face of "just make it work dad", and time ceases to exist until we can be the chompy mage again.... When the children are involved risk vs reward is a whole different ballgame (at least you just have to worry about disks being destroyed.... when they get a bit older you cant get close enough to play anymore!)

          And no, it is still not happy, and not happy with anything... I even tried a system update, and that just gave scary messages...... not happy jan.....

    This 'yay... I guess' moment sort of sums up that entire 'I used to play games' article. It's good that it's fixed and in 7 days. That's a little long but not totally unreasonable time period for a problem to be reported, confirmed, diagnosed/isolated, solved and a fix deployed. That's annoying but it's still in the 'well, that's in the past now, I'll stop complaining' territory. However ultimately a good enough resolution, or even a really great resolution, is still totally unsatisfying.

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    This is interesting... I'm with Internode and I didn't really notice any issues. I did have the console freeze up on me twice, but that was about it. Also, I HAVE been pretty much been just playing AC Unity and/or using the XB1 for streaming video.

    Cool, now they just need to fix the firmware update itself, last one caused my menu to flicker with Xbox/TV connection loss. Hard reset helps, but it comes back. Sad me.

    Still doesn't work for me. Don't even get the prompt to download an update.


    Right, so I believe the problem was with iiNet DNS servers (or at least was related to this). As a network engineer myself I was effected by it when downloading Halo: MCC and did some troubleshooting.

    If you are experiencing slow download speeds, lack of patches or simply broken downloads (regardless of ISP) I do suggest you change DNS servers on your XBox One to Google Public (being and

    The above have fixed the problem for me and have also considerably improved my download speeds (where XBox is concerned).

    So, what is the catch? iiNet considers XBox One traffic to be Freezone as long as its correctly routed, if you change your DNS your traffic will no longer be considered as Freezone.

    Kind Regards

      You are a god damn genius beautiful lifesaver!!!! I have driven myself insane all day trying to get ANYTHING to update. So many uninstalls and factory resets and rage. Turns out changing the DNS was all it took!

    I still can't use Kinect to log me on anymore.

    It worked on day one and since the first update it's been broken since. Reset the Kinect data even, still no go.

    i read in the paper today there was a cable severed to do with iiNet resulting in people having issues with their internet. Not sure if related at all however.

    Yup. Had the same issues as you mark. I'm with inter-chode also. Been having problems for awhile now.

    probably to do with that perth to singapore undersea cable?

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