More Steam Sales To Break Your Will And Ruin Christmas

Bloody hell, it seems like yesterday that we had a Steam sale, now there's a new one? Add this to all the other ridiculous sales we've had to deal with, and yeah. No-one in my family is getting Christmas presents this year.

This Steam sale feels a little different actually. It seems as though a lot of the normal suspects — the games that are always on sale — have been replaced with hordes of cool new titles. I think this is a good thing.

For example, Dark Souls II is on sale. It's 63% off at $20.34. I thoroughly recommend it. It's phenomenal. The original Dark Souls is also $4.99, but that's always on sale and you probably own it already. What else? Borderlands 2 is $16.49. Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes — a brand new game — is 33% off at $13.39.

Basically this is one of the most intriguing Steam Sales in a while. I suspect the old suspects — games like FTL, Fez, those games that are always on sale — will appear at some point. But I'm really loving all these different games being on sale.

Resistance is futile.


    HA! Jokes on you Gabe! I'm already broke!

      Not if you've still got both your kidneys, you're not.

        I'm waiting for the day they release the Valve credit card.

        "Oh, what's that, you can't afford the sales? That's cool bro, that's cool, just buy it on credit! We know you're good for it!"

        30 days later two shady Gordon Freeman lookalikes show up at your door in HEV suits and crowbars...

    NOOOOOO! I have to be strong! Resist!!

    Valiant Hearts for $6.75 from Get Games. IT BEGINS!

    Damn. Have to install Uplay.

    Ouch. Our exchange rate is only $0.79 via PayPal

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      Yeah, because of the exchange rate I will think twice before I buy something.

    I think I'm at the point where I own all the games I'll play for the near future. So thanks anyway, Gabe.

      Since when has that ever stopped someone from spending up large on the Steam Sale?! ;)

    Might get grounds zero, but i hear it's quite short. Is it worth the 14$ ?

      If you like to take different approaches (stealth like, action oriented, or even kill everyone in the base without tripping the alarm) and try to best your time and efficiency grades its very worth it. I got more than 14 hours out of the ps4 copy with the various side missions and replays. It's still very worth the price for a single play through.

      Note: This is coming from a fanboy/sucker who bought it for $40 on the PS4.

      It's not a full game length but if you're playing it 'properly' it's not too short. It's sort of like the Hitman games where you if you just run and gun you'll beat the entire thing in 20 minutes but if you go for the perfect scores it actually takes some times and effort.
      The big thing that makes it feel short is that there's one official mission and a handful that are just scenarios, and they all play out on the same small-ish island compound (it's quite big, they all use different sections of the island, but it still feels small). If it were just that one mission it would be a demo so it lands in a really weird place.
      If you're a Metal Gear Solid fan $14 isn't too bad. I had a lot of fun with it.

        I've never played a Metal Gear Solid game, so I consider this a cheap intro or demo to tell me if I would like the whole concept of the game

          It's a bit of a hard series to get into without going all the way back to the GameCube or PS1 versions of Metal Gear Solid. In terms of gameplay it's great but they're very cinematic and story driven so they tend to refer to previous games a lot. There are days and days worth of twists and turns piled up over the course of the series.
          I think MGSV is meant to be relatively standalone but even if you love Ground Zeroes I'd probably recommend holding off on MGSV until someone can tell you just how standalone it is.

            Thanks for the heads up, I'll make sure to hold off for a bit. I played about 20 mins last night of Ground Zeroes. and it seemed good. It's a good PC port actually, everything ran 1080p/60FPS on extra high (the highest) on a GTX 760.

      Agree with DogMan - well worth it at this price. The main mission can, in theory, be completed quite quickly. But if you want to do it perfectly without getting detected it takes a lot longer. The open nature of the environment also means there are a lot of different ways you can approach it. Plus, after you finish the main mission, it unlocks a bunch of little alternative mini-missions (all still on the same map), so it does offer a fair bit of gameplay.

        My favourite way I've seen the main mission be completed was a 'No Alerts/Kills, No Weapons, only thrown magazines' run. Seeing the player run up to every guard and then bean them in the head with a magazine during Reflex mode is just plain funny, and the noise it makes makes me chuckle every time. :-)

    Woke up to find every game on my wishlist on sale. The couple of games that I'm just keeping an eye on for when their normal price drop and then they go to 75% off are 75% now, but I'm not keen to drop more than $20 on Rome: Total War 2 (or is that Rome 2: Total War, Rome: Total 2 War: The warrering? whatever, there's a 2 in there) . Don Bradman Cricket, on the other hand is sitting there, taunting me, never going on sale. With my time split between Dragon Age and Crusader Kings 2, it's not like I need new games...

    Unless you can give me Don Bradman Cricket 14 on sale, you aren't getting my money this year, GabeN.

    @spadge @crazyguy1990, Not too sure if Don Bradman Cricket 14 is one of those Kotaku in-jokes, I have been intrigued with DBC14 since it released earlier this year but always thought $50 was a bit too high a price, i know Aussie developer and such. There is a website that has it for $39.99 in aussie dollars, it's probably the cheapest price if you are genuinely interested if not the jokes on me.

      I am definitely interested, no in-joke here that I'm aware of. I've read though, that Red Ant aren't turning a profit even at the $50 mark. It's just hard to justify spending that amount of cash on a sports game; they (sports games) are only ever a momentary diversion for me, and I tend to aim at that $20 mark for most of my games, even the ones that I'm likely to spend heaps of time on.

        That sucks them not making a profit but it must have sold well because they are releasing it on PS4 and Xbone.

    I'm am somewhat grateful that my gaming these days is just console and handhelds. If I was to upgrade my PC, I'd be in big trouble...

    It's also a lot slower paced this year. The "Flash" sales are now 12 hours apart insetad of 8, and the Community Choice votes are 24 hours apart instead of 8 hours.

    As I do with every sale, I'll only buy things from my Wishlist when they are on the front page. That is until the last day in which I'll grab everything on my list I haven't bought yet up to a maximum amount. It's been a great system so far so why break it?

    Always relevant:

    I am going to be strong. I am going to be strong. I am going to be strong. I am going to be strong. I am going to be strong. I am going to be strong. I am going to be strong. I am going to be strong. I am going to be strong. I am go

    Why do we have to pay in USD in Australian steam store? ACCC has no balls indeed....might as well get rid of them.

    HA Beyond Earth is $55 and they call that on sale. Its like the normal price in US

    Perhaps this is relevant:

    Also, does anyone know why I never get emails about items on my wishlist being on sale? I have the relevant boxes ticked...

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