Naruto's Next Ultimate Ninja Storm Targets PS4 And Xbox One

Naruto's Next Ultimate Ninja Storm Targets PS4 And Xbox One

After five instalments on the PlayStation 3 and four on the Xbox 360, the long-running Naruto Ultimate Ninja fighting series makes its PlayStation 4 and Xbox One debut in next year's Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4.

The manga's over, but the merchandising never ends. I expect to see big things from the next generation of cel-shading fighting, and judging from the first two screenshots for the game there are big things in store. Up top there? That's exactly what I'd imagine an ultimate ninja storm would look like. Ninja. Storms. Some fire tornados.

Naruto's Next Ultimate Ninja Storm Targets PS4 And Xbox One

Details are slim, but there will be fighting, because otherwise what good would all of those ninja be?

Seriously, this is one of my favourite fighting franchises, even if it's generally woefully unbalanced and more concerned with spectacle than story beats. Or maybe because of that. Yeah, probably because of that. Big spectacle fan here.

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 is coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC sometime next year. I'd expect it in the fourth quarter, so Banco Namdai can spend most of the year teasing us with fighters and features. It's what they do.


    I reckon they should be making more games like Rise of a Ninja and The Broken Bond. Those games were soooooooooo much better than Ultimate Ninja Storm!

      Yeah. I've really been wanting to play another in that series lately. The Broken Bond in particular did a really good job of being both an adventure game and a fighter.

    I love the Ninja storm games (though I've only played the first 2), mainly for the fighting engine, rather than the story. I wish they'd just leave the Narutoverse and maybe apply it to another anime/manga game.

      I like the Ninja Storm games, but the fighting doesn't feel quite as fun as the games on Xbox I mentioned. I loved the way it made you do combo's with the two analogue sticks to execute certain specials! Much easier to understand than some of the Ninja Storm moves too! I feel like if Ninja storm added more buttons to use, and something like that dual stick combo's, it'd be a fantastic game!

        I never got to play those other games unfortunately :( Now I'm quite curious, if eb or somewhere has a cheap used copy I might pick up one of them. I actually just refinished NS2 a couple months ago, so the naruto bone is still a little firm...

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          They're definitely worth checking out. The open world is a little basic in Rise of a Ninja compared to Broken Bond where you switch between multiple characters but it's still really cool learning the various techniques and then using them to get around.

          hehe I got UNS3 during the mid year steam sale I think. Haven't played a lot of it cos I realized it was ahead of where I was up to in watching Shippuuden, so I went back and watched that first. Think I'm caught up enough to go back to playing now! Only about 8 eps away from being caught up to the broadcast

    I don't mind the ninja storm games at all but I just feel that after as many iterations as there have been, they should have smoothed out the rough areas of gameplay, graphics, movement etc. The games still feel a little clunky to play especially in running around the world and exploring stuff. I know it is not the overall focus of the game but it is a part of it and I think it is a part they could do better.

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