No Man's Sky Still Looks Spectacular

Video: Wow. Here's one of the best trailer from The Game Awards. It's No Man's Sky doing what it does best: look beautiful. Hello Game's procedurally-generated space game lets you explore the universe, and that universe is vast.

You can expect lots of variation in terms of planets, wildlife, and scenery. And when you're done gawking at that, you can go up into space and command a ship. You can read more about what the game is here, but suffice it to say, the game still looks excellent.


    The game looks pretty, but I hope the game play really isn't that fast. Take off, warp, and arrive at another planet within 20 seconds. I guess it's just a fast montage of whats possible for the trailer. I hope. I like my space sims a little slower paced.

      Much more interesting clip here with a better idea of speed.

      It says at the start that all footage is real time. Looks like there isn't actually a smooth, realistic transition from atmosphere flight to space flight - you get that animation sequence when it jumps between them. :(

        It's a 2 minute clip to give a feel of the game, not a 30 minute game mechanic demonstration!

        That means things like travel etc. would all be sped up\scripted to fit them in, it doesn't mean the actually game play going to be that fast - not to mention it's still under development so things will change anyway. Until you see a 20 minute gameplay exp or a dev explanation, don't jump the gun!

        Sheesh, I think people need to stop taking everything literally and have a think about the situation and context...
        A game trailer? keep an open mind - it's just trying to catch your attention in a short time.
        A TV commercial for washing liquid? yes take it more literally, it's trying to sell you something that does something specific.

          I have no idea what you're talking about. The trailer shows the transition from atmospheric flight to space flight in real time, and the transition between the two is not seamless: it's separated by an animation - see 0:58.
          I'm not sure what problem you have with my post.

          EDIT: Or perhaps I've mistaken a hyperspace jump for the transition I'm talking about? The trip down to the next planet seems seamless, if a little quick.
          Anyway, if you have a point to make when posting, just say it - I have no idea what yours was.

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            Sorry that wasn't pointed directly at you, it just came up as a reply to your post for some reason.


            My point was in the first sentence; but I'll try again...

            A developer can change things (i.e., speed up traveling between planets) so they can fit it in a short trailer/demo. It does not mean that is how it will be in the final game.


            People called Valve liars for the Half-Life 2 demo, since it was heavily scripted for demonstrations.

    It looks like its being sped up in areas, otherwise GFX cards would revolt if you tried to render that much change so fast.,

    Is this the first game ever to have the player be able to enter a planets atmosphere in real time?
    EXCEPT for Kerbal Space Program.

      nope, was done in 1993 - Frontier Elite 2

      No, like omega said, not by a long, long shot.

    Each time they show another clip of this I get more concerned about the lack of discernible objectives. It's starting to look more like an impressive tech-demo 'experience' than a game which is fun to interact with.

    It looks amazing and the potential certainly gets one's imagination fired up, but I thought by now it'd be clearer what exactly the core gameplay involved. Unless... this is it... flying from one planet to the next endlessly...

    I love the look,but the 'pop in' of distant objects is really distracting.
    Any tentative release dates?

    All aboard the hype train, next stop....disappointment.

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