Not Even Cinema Sins Can Resist The Power Of Groot

Not Even Cinema Sins Can Resist The Power Of Groot

In the midst of tearing apart Guardians of the Galaxy for its regular “Everything Wrong With” series, Cinema Sins discovers why none of the movies’ obvious issues really mattered. He is Groot.

I’ve watched the movie a dozen times since it came out on Blu-ray, and while it’s mainly become a pleasant way to put my children to sleep, the moment when Groot takes out an entire corridor filled with bad guys and then grins into the camera gets me every damn time.

Between this movie and The Iron Giant I’m convinced a CD of Vin Diesel reading the phone book in his rumbly monster voice would sell millions.

As for the nitpicking, allow me to nitpick the nitpicking — everyone had spare spheres on them, it was part of the plan. So there.


  • The Iron Giant is one of my all time favourite animated movies. Props for so casually dropping a mention into this article.

      • He’s not really original. Theres a character with a speech impediment in every second movie. And the look of Groot is pretty much a fantasy world, Treant. As for funny, He was ok I guess but the rest of the characters were just as good. Each to their own but I don’t get the love.

        • I don’t know, a sentient tree that can be regrown from a twig and whose vocal chords are so rigid that it sounds like he can only say “I am Groot” to anyone who doesn’t know any better sounds pretty original to me.

          • I read up on Groot and I have to say the backstory for his race and planet are pretty cool but I still didn’t dig him in GOTG. Maybe if I had read some of the comics he was in before hand, I might have enjoyed him more.

          • Maybe in future sequels he’ll get a larger role and more exploration into his actual character, I mean, I don’t know anyone(who doesn’t read comics) who questioned that Rocket seemed to know what Groot was really saying but that would’ve been a good question to ask in the film.

          • Or not, sometimes we just don’t really need to know. It wasn’t something that bothered me personally, or my 11 year old, we just enjoyed the hell out of it. Not everything needs to be over explained.

          • Well that’s what I meant, I didn’t find anyone questioning it like I thought they would. I was expecting to come out of the cinema with everyone asking me why he can only say that one thing but they only talked about how much they liked him.
            Groot is a cool character and I’m glad people who weren’t familiar just rolled with it.

        • this coming from a person with the screen name JarJarJake? taking your advice on characters would be like taking advice on oil tankers from someone named Exxon Valdez

          • I chose my username as a monument to how god awful that character was and as an added bonus nobody ever takes my username. Sometimes I do regret my choice though.

          • I disagree on Groot, but I commend your choice of name.
            We need to be reminded every single day just how bad Jarjar was. Maybe that way we can live long, fulfilling lives and never see his like again.

    • Even in not understanding the Groot hype, I still think GOTG is one of the best Marvel films.

  • I stopped watching after like 5 minutes, a bunch of the things he brought up are explained in the film. Gamora’s cell is opened by a guard, he’s obviously being paid off or something(He’s the one that suggests to kill her in the shower room) and the finger to neck thing, the other alien recognises it. In conclusion, the movie is obviously so good that this guy has to ignore things to make fun of it.

    • Yes. He does have to ignore things to make fun of it. That’s exactly what EWW does. It’s nitpicking for the sake of nitpicking. If you don’t enjoy it (I do) don’t watch. Simple.

      (Which, to be fair, you have done. You’ve not enjoyed and stopped watching.)

      • I’ve seen a bunch before and most of the time they’re not so bad, but this just seemed especially nitpicky, becoming a kind of reverse parody poking more holes in itself.

        • Tends to happen, especially when they like the film.

          You watch cinema sins to see em pick on nothing for fun, not for an actual review (Unless it’s Transformers 4, shit got wrecked as it deserved)

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