Notch Just Bought A House for $70 Million, And He's Chilling

Ever since Markus 'Notch' Persson sold Minecraft to Microsoft, he's been pretty low key. Until today, when news broke that he outbid Jay-Z and Beyonce to buy a goddamn $70 million house in Beverly Hills.

And roughly 30 minutes ago he tweeted the above pic. Feet up on the couch, in his new $70 million dollar house, just relaxing.

Ball till you fall Notch, ball till you fall.

This house went up on sale at an asking price of $85 million, just a figure I can't even comprehend. It has a tower of M & Ms for some reason, a replica of a James Dean motorcycle, grenade art, and $5,000 toilets. Damn it must feel good taking a leak into those.

Basically the house is ridiculous.

According to a release, the property is actually pretty cheap compared to what you might pay in other areas for a similar house. Man, this kind of living. I can't even comprehend it.

That Minecraft money.


    Haha What a way to spend your money!

    It looks like a massive Bachelor Pad, not too fancy, and too dull. Pretty much the perfect house.

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    So, how long till someone recreates it in minecraft?

      Someone has already done it, lol.

    He bought it with the just the change in his pockets...

    James Dead motorcycle?

    I mean, he's dead, but you don't have to keep bringing it up.

      the garage space in the living room though? on what looks like lifts? or possibly rotating plinths?

      I would stick a faded VP commodore wagon with mismatching hub caps on there.

        With the cannon exhausted and fully sick sound system that centrelink paid for right?

    James Dead motorcycle replica, i suppose it's better than a replica James Dead Porsche 550 Spyder.

    Too Soon???

    70mil basically a drop in the ocean of 2.3bil, add to that a pricey car and a few other things and "maybe" you break 100mil in material things, you still have 2.2bil in your back pocket. I am eagerly awaiting his AGDQ donation this January.

    I am happy for him and harbor no ill will or envy at his success.

    Edit: Ok maybe envy...

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    I like to imagine Jay-z and Beyonce said "We were outbid?! who? What kind of stupid name is Notch?!"

      just tell them he's an underground hip hop artist and they will claim to know him well.

    Good for him. He's come a long way since he desperately dug a cave when he realized it was approaching twilight.

    That $70 million could have done wonders for Childs Play or other gaming related charities :(

      He has given so much money to charities already, let the man enjoy his gains

        Oh I'm not saying he can't, it's just my opinion that $70 million for a house is a lot of money for what's essentially a roof over your head.

          It is a lot.
          The story link explains that all the furniture, bike, candy bar and all other furnishings were included in the deal which would push the price up pretty high

            Also worth noting that a lot of people who come into excessive amounts of money blow it on stupid depreciating assets like cars, drugs and "things". Investing $70 million into an appreciating asset such as property (especially in Beverley Hills) is a wise choice. If he ever loses his fortune for some reason, he can sell the house for more than he bought it for (as long as there isn't a financial crisis) and live off that money no problems.

      I tend to agree, no one NEEDS $70 million. People can get by really well on 1% of that.

        i wouldn't call a life savings of 700k getting by 'really well'

          I would, I barely have any savings at all and I seem to be doing ok.

      maybe you should start giving more then

        I already do :(

          that's just not good enough, give more, do you know how much more you could help charities if you just gave more money to them.

    I didn't realise he had made this much money.

    I can't even pretend I ain't even a little bit jealous, but c'mon, it just looks like a pre-made rich person house, no style, no personality just expensive stuff everywhere. The bit with James Dean bike looks so poser it's ridiculous.

    For that kind of money you could hire the best architect in the world to custom build an awesome space that reflects you and your needs instead of just moving into some generic mc-(ultra expensive) mansion.

      Maybe he tried to design his own house but it was made of cobblestone, boards and dirt

      I agree, though I'm not 100% sure if he's going to live there fulltime. It could just be an investment property or some such.

      Probably has so much money he can just buy something else if he gets bored.

      Yeah it looks gross....

    And as he sat in his new home he was heard to mutter to himself... "rosebud"

    I think the real winner here is the builder. No way this house cost anywhere near that much to build (the floor's not even natural marble and the roof is completely undecorated).

    70 million! What a waste of money.....(so jealous).

    Yeah well, there's one thing he can't buy... A dinosaur.

      Tip of the hat to you sir with that Homer Simpson quote. Haha!

    I see. And is there a Mrs. Notch? Tee-Hee *wink emoji*

    Waiting for the shot of an alpha version of Minecraft to be playing on the theatre screen...

    Cobblestone letters built to say "Thanks... lol"

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