Nothing Says JRPG Like A Toyota Hybrid

Nothing Says JRPG Like a Toyota Hybrid

Japanese role-playing game? Urban eco-car? I don't see the similarity either, but somebody at Toyota did.

The Nagoya-based automaker has rolled out a new series of ads for the Prius C (aka the Aqua in Japan). The spots have video game music, such as this one:

That's "Voyage of Adventure" from Dragon Quest III. Because driving a Prius is an adventure. Right? Right?

There's also another spot with music from Monster Hunter for the Prius C X-Urban. Monster Hunter isn't really a JRPG, but that's ok because the Prius C X-Urban isn't a car you'd take off-road. Ever.

『LONG DRIVE 冒険』篇 30秒 [Toyota]


    Is the 20kmph they're doing in that video their top speed? Or do the Japanese have even more strict auto advertising laws than Australia?

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