Now This Is How You Banana Snipe Someone In Mario Kart

Now This Is How You Banana Snipe Someone In Mario Kart

Plenty of people claim to be expert banana snipers in Mario Kart 8. Few can actually show for it. Imagine my surprise, then, when I saw someone boasting online about "banana sniping like a boss", and they actually were.

The pro banana sniper in question is Reddit user martinaee, who posted a flex-worthy video on the Mario Kart subreddit with the recommendation to watch in HD. I don't want to say why, because that would spoil the ending. But you should totally take the sniper's advice:

This moment is perfectly captured thanks to some clever editing and a highly appropriate soundtrack. I love how it slows down to a crawl when the Mii racer goes into a drift, picks up the last banana, and chucks it at the Donkey Kong racer who's about to cross the finish line. And then just before you get to see if the banana hit its target, the Rainbow Road track does one of its little wobbly moves — blocking the Mii racer's vision.

Man. There's really no better feeling than seeing your opponent flap his arms about helplessly as you zoom past him:

Now This Is How You Banana Snipe Someone In Mario Kart

Especially when that opponent is Donkey Kong. Oh, the irony. Delicious, banana-flavored irony.

via Reddit


    He missed. He just got lucky that the thwomp nudged it on the correct path.

      So.... he didn't miss then lol.

    apologies if this makes me sound like a douchebag but I fail to see how that is particularly impressive. that's what throwing the banana is for.

    They other day someone online was all like "I'm so good at games". And then it turns out they were pretty good.

    Can I have money now?

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