Now THIS Is How You Play PC Games

Now THIS Is How You Play PC Games

Markus Boesen knows how to play video games the right way.

This is his PC gaming setup, which he's currently using to play Elite: Dangerous. Though "play" doesn't seem to do it justice. He's connected three 3D monitors (displaying the game at 5760 x 1080), an array of touchscreen inputs, voice recognition, head-tracking and some expensive Saitek joysticks.

There are two vids below. The top one shows Markus in action, while the bottom one's lighting gives us a better look at his setup.


    Good lord... I... I can't even process... the... It's magnificent.

      I may need to change my pants now.

        I need to throw mine out and get a new pair, so want~!

    Are you sure he is using 3 x 3D monitors and not using a projector on some projection screens?

      Yeah he is using 3 x projectors, you can see where they overlay each other just inside the main 'screen'

      Yep he's using 3 projectors, it details them in the first vid.

      Anyone with eyes can see that he's using 3 projectors on white screens. I use 3x27" monitors to play like this. I think he's sitting way to close for that size of screen though.

        Indeed he is.

    I'd rather play that game in VR though.

      Oculus Rift Development Kit 2 would cost much less than this setup, and be much more immersive.

        only thing it lacks is pixel fidelity, which this system would have in spades. Thank god the menus float in relitave 3d space, as I have to physically lean in to read anything clearly. Less of an issue for the CV1 and eventual full consumer release.

      you won't see the physical joystick and touchscreens with VR though... unless you render them and your hands in game

    Right now I'm looking at that & fantasizing about an HD X-Wing vs TIE Fighter...

    Booya! Now all it needs is an electric vagina and you'd never leave that room. It'd end up looking like a Jackson Pollock painting under a blue light pretty quick though.

    I would make a comment about the PC master race but this guy would prob call them filthy casuals

    That is why PC > Console gaming.....

      But this is possible with a console as well...

    I use a single ultra wide 21:9 monitor now, used to use 5769x1080 across 3 screens.
    The single ultra wide gives most of the bang for less draw on the GPU with similar immersion.
    The problem with DK2 and elite is they haven't solved the text quality issues and some screens that bug out.
    For now, it's a tech demo with DK2 until retail oculus is out.

    Looks awesome but I'd actually prefer the latest Oculus Rift over this as I reckon the immersion would be better. It also plays E:D really freaking well.

    I find myself saying this a lot lately: 'Fcuk you, take my money!'

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