Off Topic: What's Your Hobby That Isn't Video Games?

So we're all here because of a shared interest, myself included. We're all here because we play video games. But what else gets you going? What's your hobby that isn't video games?

Me, I have a couple. I'm a pretty avid reader of manga. I never got into the comic book thing but I love manga for some reason. Some of my all-time favourites are Slam Dunk, Pluto, Hajime no Ippo and Solanin.

I play a lot of sport. Well, I played a lot of sport. Used to play soccer, I did martial arts for a while. Now I'm fairly exclusively into rock climbing.

I also like to cook, although I don't get much time nowadays with work, parenting and rubbish adulthood stuff. Also: I love porridge. Porridge is my life.

What about you guys and girls?


    Mine's 3D modeling and animation. Technically not video games, but video game related in many ways!

      That used to be my hobby, then I worked in the industry for 11+'s no longer a hobby or an interest. ;)

        heh yeah industry work killed it for a while for me. things are getting interesting now though! :)

        I hear you buddy. That's why I build giant robots instead, nowadays.

    I like DJing, with a regular gig at the local Myer store lol.... loves me the cheesy EDM

      Since when does Myers have DJ's in the store?

      To be fair it's probably been about 10 years since I set foot into one.

        some of them do. in sydney, the one in the city had one, as well as chatswood, as does the one i go to. gone pretty downhill though, people half the time dont give a crap, or hate me lol...but at this point, im just happy to have a regular gig

    Favouriting tweets on twitter! YOURS COULD BE NEXT!

    Mountain bike riding/cycling, snowboarding, hiking, traveling, photography, shooting video and playing my guitar and singing. I'm so busy. Need more time for having a game session.

    I really like pool, but don't play as much as I used to.
    I played D&D last week for the first time in around seventeen years. Really enjoyed it. Could become a new hobby.

    Away from games though, listening to music is my main hobby. Mainly metal, but definitely not the only genre that piques my interest. It has the added benefit of making something absolutely awful like housework almost bearable.

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      D&D is awesome. Do try out Pathfinder if you can though. I didn't really care for D&D 5th Ed, and the less said about 4th Ed. the better!

    Making video games!

    Although if you want to discount games altogether, than scale modelling. Specifically Gunpla (Gundam model kits).

    Films my friend. Watching all the films. Also making films. And photography, and photoshop, and messing around with making music, and playing drums.

    I really need to specialise, is what I'm trying to say.

      How do you go when you get caught by the cops? when im filming people they always seem to have issues with it "sir you cant be naked here", "you cant film people without there permission" :P

        Ha ha, you just have to learn how to decamp when you hear the sirens coming. Once people start screaming and running is generally a good time to make yourself scarce :-)

      I'm with you man...a fellow drummer! Nice to see one :)

      I enjoy playing in my band and pretending I'm a real musician.

    My big three are cooking, reading and movies. Though I love to play golf and tennis I just don't have the time with two whippersnappers kicking around

    playing bass badly in the hope that I one day become less bad.

      Playing guitar badly in the hope that I one day become less bad. All we need is someone who can kinda sing, and someone who can barely keep time on drums, and we're set! I'm guessing by our usernames, we're after a 49 and a 56? :P

        I can air drum ok :D

        I picked up my girlfriend's bass shortly after moving here and can jam out a few RATM songs. Trying Queen but John Deacon's a lot more talented than people realise. I also got Rocksmith but picking up guitar is going a lot slower than picking up bass was

          I've pretty much been learning through Rocksmith 2014 - picked it up last November, first time trying electric guitar (tried acoustic several times, but couldn't maintain a proper schedule to learn it) and still playing the hell out of it. Not sure if my guitar technically counts for "non-gaming hobbies", as I've been playing almost exclusively through RS. I really should get an amp at some point :P

    Buying miniatures (warhammer, Flames of War, etc) with the goal of painting them... though this never happens. I guess making props and stuff. Tis fun.

      I have a shit ton of Reaper, Anima Tactics, Malifaux, Hasslefree, GW LotR and 40K minis hidden about my house and garage. About 1% are painted but the rest are mostly mint in box :-(

      I got on and then off the Warhammer bandwagon. I think the idea of doing it is sometimes better than actually doing it.

      I eventually realised that I enjoyed building terrain more than assembling and painting the miniatures. It got to the point where I was just making terrain for games we didn't even play, just for kicks. Maybe it just foretells a life of building dull landscapes for depressingly large model train sets.

    Sports for me including Cricket, Golf and AFL. A bit of sparring and self defence. Don't mind fishing every now and then and yoga, the stretchy bit not the spiritualist no science bit.

    Music! Well. Used to be. Hardly touched any of my instruments for most of this year, save for this weekend just passed when a friend came over and jumped on the piano for a bit, and he got me to jump on with him and we goofed around for a little while. Kinda stuck at the moment, I've been playing mostly the same songs for years upon years now and don't really know how to find new stuff/generally can't concentrate well enough to learn new ones. Or lately, even well enough to feel like playing. Hence why it's falled on the backburner this year.

    Dunno if I'd really count rock climbing as a hobby of mine, but it's a thing I do once a week. Otherwise my only other non-gaming hobby would be wasting time on the internet, reading things and chatting with friends over Skype. I do that more than actually playing games anyway.

    Designing and implementing video game systems (ie. Combat systems, dialogue systems, UI, etc.). It's not playing them so it should count. Other than that, I write occasionally, try to learn to draw even more occasionally and dabble in sequencing even more rarely. I also watch anime and read manga like every stereotypical geek/otaku should.

    Astronomy, gardening and cooking would be my top 3 things to do when not working or gaming.

    Football, football and more football. Cambridge United fan so watch them on TV as much as possible. Also play 5-a-side every Thursday which has shown me how much out of shape I've gotten over the years although I've lost a few kilos since playing so I'm happy.

    Also music although I'm nowhere near as into music as I used to be. I used to go to gigs basically every week or two and keep up with every new release (in the metal world) but since coming to Australia it's only in the last year or so since 2008 that things have really started to pick up with smaller international bands coming over again and that's gotten my interest up again. Now I just have 6-7 years of new releases to go through at some point

    Other than that, my grandad and my dad were big into model railways so I inherited that enthusiasm and have recently gotten back into it and planning a layout somewhere in my house

      I've seen Opeth a few times, Dream Theater (soooo much love for their earlier stuff), Megadeath, Children of Bodom, Mastodon, Devildriver and Trivium.

      Of those, Opeth and Dream Theater are the class acts (though to be honest they all put on good shows). Opeth tour Australia quite frequently, I'd highly suggest seeing them next time if you can.

        My most favourite ever gig was seeing Opeth supported by Decapitated and Without Face in London just after Deliverance had come out (first gig playing that album). Made brilliant that I love the supporting bands but Opeth were amazing and unfortunately haven't come close live for me in the gigs I've seen since :(

        I've recently just packed away all my gig shirts into boxes as they were taking up too much space in the cupboard. All of them bar 1 or 2 of them were gotten from gigs although I didn't get a shirt at each gig and I'm definitely missing a bag of them somewhere, but there's at least 100 shirts in there. To say being in England/Europe is to be spoiled for live music is an understatement, especially when you know the prices of gigs compared to over here. GBP37.50 to see Ozzfest back in 2002. Ozzy, Tool, SOAD, Slayer. You'd be paying 2-3 times that over here just to see one of those bands on their own :(

        Keen for Suffocation and Decapitated next year though. I haven't seen Decapitated since Vitek died so it'd be interesting to see what they're like now.

        Yeah I've gone and seen Opeth 2-3 times in brissy, best was a double act with Danzig, that gig was all-time in my books.

        I am envious of you, sir. Would love to see Children of Bodom. Chances of them coming to Perth are slim and fuck all.

    Working on my car and baking. I like restoring the exterior of my car, and just bringing it back to original quality, since the previous owner didn't look after it too well.

    Baking is fun for me too- I got into it through watching Yakitate!! Japan, and I recreate some of the bread/other things on the show. I also like cooking, Japanese food is a favourite of mine to prepare.

    Warmachine (tabletop wargaming). Although recently I've been getting the feeling like I wish I never started...

    Also I might be getting into video making and such.

      Is it turning into an arms race? That's partly why I'm not keen on 40K anymore. I do like some smaller titles like Malifaux, Necromunda, Blood Bowl, Anima Tactics etc.

        Oh I wish. Instead I have to play with a group of people who won't even bother putting their figures into their carry case unless they are assured victory without effort. If not, they don't play you at all.

          To quote that Nova Corps guy from Guardians: 'What a bunch of A-holes.'

            So guess which players get the most games? The new guys just getting into the hobby. Because they don't know the rules yet.

              But I'm guessing they're less inclined to be jerks, have rage explosions, tweak the rules, or generally make the experience negative? Clearly I have been convinced that gaming groups/clubs can be kind of toxic, which might explain why I've never tried playing with strangers. That's probably a shame.

                Aside from mistakes from people mis-reading the rules, there's only been one guy who actually had rage explosions, tweaked the rules and made the whole experience overall negative. To the point that some people were considering quitting. He got me worked up that I threw my miniatures into my car when I left after a game that he pissed me off with.

                  I'm a rather new player. I've only been playing for a few months, and I have played with quite a few people who have raged and cheated. It's a shame, because the game can be fun, but it is best played with someone you're already friends with. And it is way to overpriced in Australia. Seriously, 30 bucks for a single model... WTF

    Reading. Lots and lots of reading.
    Game of Thrones series in 61 days apparently.

      I haven't read a book in a couple of years I'm sad to say :( I recently pulled all my boxes out of the cupboard and put them up in the bookcase and now I have a hunger to go through the Wheel of Time series again seeing as I got to the final book but never finished it off. After that I might go through the Malazan books again :D Then I'll start on Game of Thrones...

      That is VERY fast to get through GoT books. Took me the best part of a year.

        I'm tempted to read them all in one go to see if it's true. I did read a couple when on holidays and they took 2-3 days each but that's ignoring all else!

      I also do a great deal of reading - these days, mostly from my tablet, as when I finish one book there's always a few more on there. Usually I'm in the middle of reading a couple of books at any given time.

      Having picked up most of the Baen Webscriptions over the last few years means I have a huge supply of legal SF & fantasy eBooks.

      Book recommendations? :)

        Ooooh, not easy! It depends what you like to read. I tend to dabble a bit here and there, re-read a few favourites, and mix it up a bit by reading classics (recently got round to reading the Sherlock Holmes stories). At the moment I'm reading a lot of crime novels and am on the final stretch of reading all of Ian Rankine's Rebus books from start to finish (19 or 20 of them I think).

    I play drums on and off (have done so for the last 8 years). I'm not bad, pretty solid and good timing, just some of the advanced touch needs some work. Good enough to just randomly jump on the kit if others wanna play and have a good time (most of my mates are musos, and much better than me).

    Other than that - breadmaking! I LOVE making bread, made my own sour dough starter and cook bread every weekend. Recently made bagels and they came out awesome. I'd encourage everyone to try their hand at bread making. There's something so satisfying about working with a live organism and the feeling of quality dough...

    Edit: Oh almost forgot! Fishing, lots of fishing. I'm so determined and do it most weekends with poor results. Really need a boat to make the most of it, but i guess it's a good indication of my level of patience.

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      Bread is awesome went through a phase last year but couldn't find anywhere to get fresh yeast. Still do lots of pizza dough

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    Photography (my job, albeit doing it for the Government), and I recently took up 40K again for the first time since I was about 12 years old (its now 12 years later and still a ridiculously expensive hobby)

      That's why you play Warmachine instead.

        You can't pass the 40K universe for lore, though. Shame GW know it and murder everyone on the price.

    Toy photography, mostly with ThreeA 1/6 scale toys, and building Gundam kits.

    Love watching movies and reading. Karate. I'm trying to learn how to play the guitar. Watching the footy (Crows! :D ).

    That's about it, really.

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