Once Again, Paypal Lets Steam Sale Dates Slip

They're coming back in December! And now, thanks to another email from Paypal, we know the dates. This is all sounding a bit familiar...

That's because the November sale dates were leaked in the exact same way - via a Paypal email to customers - although this time, the email comes from Japan. Our new dates to get our wallets ready? December 18th to January 2nd.

If you want to get some bargain action before then, however, there are some pretty good options. Consistent deals are happening over at GOG.com, and the Humble Store has games going for even cheaper than the Steam sales had them — with the added benefit of 10% of the proceeds going to charity, and the choice of a Steam code or DRM-free download. Both of those are "Winter" sales, which feels funny to type as I crank the air conditioning up to full blast.

Until December 18th, I wouldn't be buying anything on Steam. Wait for the sales, or if possible, get the game you want from one of the other stores for cheaper and collect the Steam code anyway.

Sale culture, amirite?


    These sales are getting way to close to each other now. They might as well keep the games at the sale price all year round.

    I was all 'so what' then I saw the bullfrog collection on GoG... Syndicate+ and Syndicate Wars....

    Uh, this wasn't exactly a secret. It says on the auction page itself (emphasis mine):
    The Auction runs 16 Dec @ 2:45am to 19 Dec @ 5:00am when the Holiday Sale begins.

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