Opening Game Logos Are The Worst

You start up a game. Before you can make it to a start screen or main menu you’re barraged by a series of loud swooshy logos and copyright text you don’t read. This is the modern hell of video games in which we live.

I’ve never really paid all that much attention to opening game logos before. Sure, the first time I boot up a new game I’m cognisant of them. What studio worked where and which new piece of middleware is sandwiched in between what. But after the third, fourth, fifth time seeing the same opening logos, it all becomes a bit redundant.

Often they’re louder than they need to be and the worst ones, no matter what you do, cannot be skipped. Can’t they just make them a bit nicer?


  • Haha omg this is just too accurate. I know that Nvidia sound like I know my own name. The lords of the fallen game had every single intro played twice every time your launched the game which made it super annoying to get the configuration right as u needed to restart after every change.

  • Some are alright, like the ones that mashup with the game you are playing. Neversoft ones from Tony hawk, the telltale Lego games, the old rogue squadron games etc.

  • Unskippable intro logo’s should be a big gaming no-no. Especially when they stack multiple publishers/developers/vendors/middleware/copyright/legalese end after end.

    Thankfully, at least for the the PC the logo videos can normally be deleted/renamed or an launch argument used to skip them.

    Sadly this seems to be too common nowadays, by the second time I launch a game I’m usually looking for a way to get rid of the intros. At least that way I can get into an actual game within a few seconds.

  • I tend to spend the intro logos mashing Escape, enter and left mouse button in an unending combo hoping that this time – things would be different and it would skip…

  • Sometimes you can also get around the opening logo’s by simply renaming them.
    For example BF2, you just rename the two .bik files, EA.BIK and Dice.BIK to something else and it would skip straight to the main menu.
    Obviously dependent on the game…

  • Anyone remember the old Lionhead logo from Black & White? The skippable, optionally-interactive one? Spent way too long trying to get all of the little cubes to fly out of the container-thingy.
    Yeah, they did it right.

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