Our Pick Of Today's Steam Sales

The Steam sales are back on... Brace yourselves! Actually, today doesn't seem to be one of the better days. Plenty of games which are discounted to the price they kinda maybe should be anyway. But there are a few gems. Here are our picks.

Valkyria Chronicles, $14.99USD

Don't expect this one to be discounted too heavily, as it came out on Steam not too long ago, but it's a fantastic PS3 game that didn't look like it was going to be ported at all. For me, this one is a respect buy. I finished it when it came out on PS3, but I want it again. It's that good.

Batman: Arkham Origins, $4.99USD

Are you kidding me? Wow. Some people didn't like this one as much, but... Dat price.

Guns of Icarus Online, $2.24USD

This one is all about manning an airship in combat situations. It's a slower paced combat than arcadey pilot games, but definitely not sim. And it's heavily discounted right now, by 85%.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution: Director's Cut, $3.99USD

It's old, and it's one of those that regularly shows up in the Steam sales. So you probably already have it, but if you don't, this is a lot of content for the price. A lot of good content. There was a lot of justified grumbling about the boss fights in this game, but it's still worth a play. Make sure you've got some time.


    It’s old,

    It's 3 1/2 years old!? Did not release that qualified it as 'old'...

      With rate at which games are released nowadays I would consider it old. Note dated, but an old game.

    While I haven't replayed it since the original version, the Directors Edition supposedly fixes the boss fights so that alternate strategies are effective.

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