Our Picks Of Today's Steam Sales

The sales will keep cranking until January 2nd, and today is offering some great deals, albeit ones we've seen a few times before. I'm looking at you, Fallout: New Vegas.

Fallout: New Vegas, $US3.74

Yep, we've seen this one come and go just about every Steam sale, for the same amazing price. If you haven't taken advantage of it already, it's a chance to get one of the best games of the last decade for dirt cheap. The dollars to hours ratio is staggering.

Shovel Knight, $US10.04

I've been wanting to get this for a few weeks now, and this is exactly the excuse I needed. It's only 33% off, but it's still quite new, and some passionate words spoken by friends have let me to believe it's of a quality and style akin to Wonder Boy in Monster World. And I can certainly dig that.

Nidhogg, $US3.74

Huge fun for parties or just having a friend over, Nidhogg is a 1v1 sword dueling game. Try to stab your opponent before they stab you, and the dying player respawns on the next screen. Advance a few screens over, and you win. Its system of high, mid, and low attacks/guards is simple yet beautiful, and was the runaway hit arcade machine at the Melbourne Mana Bar before it shut its doors for the last time.

Surgeon Simulator: Anniversary Edition, $US3.24

This one's just a bit of silly fun. Try to control the clumsy surgeon's hands with incredibly awkward controls, taking body parts out, putting them back in, and deciding what's necessary. Make sure you get that Anniversary Edition! The vanilla version isn't discounted.


    how about that 90% Alan Wake discount for anyone who doesn't have it yet

      Thanks, got it. Also snagged Super Time Force from the community choice deal.

        You won't be disappointed with Alan wake. I was skeptical but in the end happily surprised. The sequel American nightmare is short but worth it as well.

      That game started off really well. And I think that alone is worth the buy.

      Just Cause 2

    The Fallout New Vegas ultimate edition is only $7 or so. Very worth it if you're thinking of picking up the base game. Super time force is also on sale, I just got it for about $6

    I picked up tropico 5. Looking forward to giving it a whirl

    Do I get Nidhogg or Shovel Knight? Hmm

      Shovel Knight, fo' realsies.

        Should I wait to see if it goes for cheaper or just give in to the massive amount of Kotaku pressure?

          It won't go cheaper than being the daily deal, that is the cheapest games go over a sale period

      If you have friends then get Nidhogg. Otherwise get it anyway and I'll bring some beers around and whoop your arse at it.

    Shadowrun: Dragonfall is standalone.... Great old school cyber punk RPGing.

    I've spent the last week trying to get into DA:I gave up after getting bored again (when does the fun begin?) and started on this in my pile of shame.

    Bioware need to take some story telling lessons... Bioware: Waffle Waffle Waffle Waffle Waffle Waffle Waffle Waffle Waffle Waffle Waffle Waffle Waffle Waffle Waffle Waffle Waffle Waffle

      Are you a fan of the series and the lore? If you aren't into the Dragon Age backstory, a lot of the intricacies of the plot are liable to fly right by you.

      Inquisition is a bit of a weird game in that regard, the gameplay seems to have been designed to appeal to people who aren't really into tactical CRPG combat, but the story is incredibly DA lore heavy, including lots of stuff that was only ever covered in the novels.

      On topic, I just picked up Dragonfall too. After hearing so many people rave about it, $5.99 was too good to pass up.

      Last edited 29/12/14 1:18 am

        Big fan but DA:I is just full of waffle and random notes left around as quest givers... Left the hinterlands and went to marshes and then oasis... It again just feels too disjointed...

          I tend to agree. It feels to me like they wrote a checklist of things they should put in the game, based on what's trendy in the industry at the moment, but didn't really consider how they would fit together. Hence you have a Skyrim style open world trying to exist alongside a Bioware style cinematic narrative, and it doesn't quite work.

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