Our Picks Of Today’s Steam Sales

Our Picks Of Today’s Steam Sales

For the last day of 2014, can Steam extract just a little more money from your wallet? Here’s the best of today’s Steam sale deals.

Final Fantasy VII

Yes, the PC version isn’t quite as nice as the PSOne original. But still, $5.99 for this much content is the very definition of good value.

The Witcher 2: Assassins Of Kings

One of those “I haven’t played it” series, if I’m honest. But at $2.99, it’s awfully tempting.

Child Of Light

See, now, this is why Steam sales are extremely dangerous. Child Of Light is yet another game that’s in my “I must get around to playing this” pile, but I don’t precisely have time for it right now. At just $5.99, however…

GTA: San Andreas

Sure, GTA games are always on sale during Steam sales. But I just spent the last week in bed unwell, finishing off GTA V, which owes a huge and admitted debt to GTA: San Andreas. It’ll run on anything you’ve got, and at $5.99 is another solid retro choice to add to your Steam library.


  • DON’T get GTA:SA – Rockstar recently issued a patch which added half-arsed controller support but removed a large chunk of songs. The radio stations in San Andreas are top notch, so that’s a big kicker.

    • The GTA:SA is actually a port of the mobile version so that’s why a lot of people were bitching about it. Good one, Rockstar to piss off everyone. 🙁

      • I don’t think so, but maybe this patch changed things. You might be getting confused about the 360 version, which is a port, but the mobile version is an upgrade of the PS2 version anyway, so I don’t see too much harm done, there.

    • Those songs that are missing (and there’s a hell of a lot, something like 17) are due to the licenses for the music having expired. This I can kind of understand, if I don’t like it at all, but what really shits me is how they made the decision to essentially reshape it into the mobile version. 1080p res is gone, a new set of PC unfriendly bugs (like dual monitor use) create a plethora of problems and breaks (or removes) previous PC specific fixes.

      Personally, I’m just stoked that I have the pre-hot coffee dvd. You can nullify the Steam patch if you have the retail dvd (http://gtaforums.com/topic/669045-iiivcsaasi-silentpatch/page-73#entry1066435733), but if you have the retail dvd, there’s pretty much no reason to warrant conversion of the Steam version when you can play that one straight-out-of-the-box, so to speak.

      • A similar thing happened with Vice City, but the way they did it was: if you buy the game after date X, you get the edited version. If you’d already bought it, they left you the game you’d paid for. I can’t see why they wouldn’t do the same in this case.

        • Yeah, I only just heard about that too. I agree with you, doing it the way they did before seemed like a no brainer.

  • Am I missing something with GTA:SA? The current steam sale price for today’s listing is $7.99 (USD) till Jan 2nd, higher still at the AUD price.

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