PC Game Traps Pirates Inside An Elevator

PC Game Traps Pirates Inside An Elevator

Continuing a fine tradition of developers finding creative ways to punish pirates, Croteam – developers of the excellent Talos Principle – have decided they will just trap them inside an elevator. Forever.

The original posts on Steam have since been deleted, since they deal with piracy, but NeoGAF user Ryo Hazuki capped one discussion while it was still live (and publisher Devolver have since retweeted it as well). It involves a user - who did not pay for the puzzle game - complaining that they're stuck in an elevator with no way out, a fate foreshadowed by this QR code stuck on a wall earlier in the game.

Of course, everyone who paid for Talos Principle can get out of it just fine.

If you think this is funny, it's not the first time Croteam have thought of unique ways to punsh people pirating their games; in 2011, Serious Sam 3 would spawn a fast, invincible enemy to torment you with if you tried playing the game without paying for it.


    • Piracy at the moment is inevitable, at least this way people already playing the game might enjoy it enough to want to buy it rather than wait for the fix, if they just wait for the fix then they were never going to buy the game anyway. Devolver are on the few bigger publishers accepting that piracy doesn’t necessarily mean lost sales and finding creative ways to turn them into sales.

      • Also like to add as a bonus these kind of funny “DRM” also moves into the proper direction of not directly screwing w/ people who legitimately bought the game as well.

        Yes the “DRM” will eventually be circumvented but in the meantime people who legitimately got the game usually don’t get shafted and have to wait for the same “fix” so they can play their game as well! 😀

  • There is an extremely easy way to circumvent this problem. This isn’t as inventive as Croteams last effort to punish pirates by implementing an extremely fast and an extremely invincible scorpion enemy that kills you nearly instantly.

  • Maybe not, but the “How do I get out of the elevator” posts are just as funny as the “How am I supposed to kill the Giant Scorpion” posts.

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