People's Impressions Of A Virtual Japanese Schoolgirl

People's Impressions of a Virtual Japanese Schoolgirl

We missed shaking our heads at a Japanese schoolgirl at Tokyo Game Show this year, but some lucky people got to last month, and it looks like they enjoyed it.

On November 29 and 30, Sony held a demo event for their virtual reality headset, Project Morpheus. One of the demos there was Summer Lesson, a demo in which players can interact with a virtual Japanese schoolgirl.

Japanese gaming mag Dengeki PlayStaion asked those who got to try the game what they thought of Summer Lesson. The results are as follows.

What did the character do that surprised you?

People's Impressions of a Virtual Japanese Schoolgirl

What sort of things did you try in the game?

People's Impressions of a Virtual Japanese Schoolgirl

Did playing Summer Lesson make you want a Project Morpheus?

People's Impressions of a Virtual Japanese Schoolgirl
People's Impressions of a Virtual Japanese Schoolgirl

Player opinions:

  • The character was so close it made me nervous. Maybe the room is too small?
  • It's amazingly real!
  • I really want them to make a full product out of this.
  • I was surprised at how detailed the room was.
  • When she got close, my heart skipped a beat.
  • I think I'm in love.
  • I never thought a game character would make me this nervous.
  • I wanted to move around the room.
  • It was like she was really in front of me. I felt really bashful.
  • I kept smiling.
  • It was a very new experience for me. The possibilities seem endless.
  • The character was cute. I felt a natural charm about her.
  • The character presence was amazing!
  • She was a lot closer than I thought she'd be.
  • I still want to play it.
  • I was nervous the whole time. I felt the sound design was very important. The character felt closer than I expected.
  • I wouldn't want anyone watching me while I played.
  • The closeness of the character is amazing. They should make a simulation game where you try to get into Tokyo University together!
  • It was like she was right next to me. I want to live in that world.
  • It was amazingly stable. It's a shame you have to experience it to understand it.
  • It would have been even more immersive if they had voice interaction. It feels like she's really there.

The event was made available to only 700 people who were selected from Sony's official community site, but it's extremely unlikely that this will be the only/last chance anyone will ever have to try out Summer Lesson.

電撃プレイステーション [電撃Online]


    "Looked at the character from different angles"? lol, yeah I bet. ;)

      Tried to touch the character...

      Oh dear :/

        Option Not Featured: Tried to bang

          46% of those who tried Summer Lesson say the mysteriously found themselves pantless when they removed the Morpheus headset.

    New wave of men marrying their playstations coming next year.

    and people say there's a marriage and birth problem in Japan...

      & if the trend continues, all of the japanese schools will be like those seen in an anime that richard essenberg reviewed a while back, which is a yuri anime based on 2 girls who go to a school that is looking to be foreclosed due to lack of students, i can't remember the title, but it is listed in kotaku east

        Its a really common theme in anime these days, but the one you are thinking of is Sakura Trick.

    "I wouldn’t want anyone watching me while I played."

    Oh you anonymous feedback person. I bet you whoever collated the feedback took one look at that and went yeeeeaaaaaahhhh no.

    When is Morpheus releasing anyway, 2015 I hope?

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