Pokémon ORAS Is Really, Really Popular

Pokémon ORAS Is Really, Really Popular

Did you buy Pokémon Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire? If so, you're not alone. Loads and loads of folks did too. Millions.

According an official release (via Famitsu), over 7.7 million copies of the games have been shipped worldwide. What's more, the numbers were especially strong in Europe during both games' first week on sale, where they saw an 135 per cent increase compared to the incredibly successful launch of Pokémon X/Y.

In case you missed it, here isKotaku's review for Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

『ポケットモンスター オメガルビー・アルファサファイア』世界出荷本数が累計770万本を突破 [Famitsu]

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    Well when you remake a game people really really like and improve upon it, what the hell do you expect is gonna happen? :P

      Hmmm... Good question. I should go look up the Heart Gold / Soul Silver sales figures to find out :p

      Sony should take note and try and pump out some remastered psone classics. Nows the time with people are the right age to be nostalgic.

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        As far as I know I believe Sony had interest in remaking Spyro and Crash Bandicoot, but Activision wouldn't give them access to the rights. Really ticked me off. We've seen a lot of remade / rereleased PS2 game on the PS3/Vita, such as Sly Cooper, Okami HD and Ratchet and Clank. I know there's more but that's off the top of my head.

    It deserves though sales honestly. Back in 2011, I was dissapointed greatly by Black/White, and X/Y were great games, but they underwhelmed me.

    ORAS however, is the best Pokemon released since (ironically the last remakes) Heartgold and Soulsilver.

    Well done Gamefreak, you deserved every single sale :)

    I'm just on to the end game content now. Loved every minute of it (even if it was a little easy and I did end up having levelled the elite 4)

    Haven't played pokemon in like 10 years. Got myself one of the new 3ds xl's and a copy of alpha sapphire with it and find it quite enjoyable!

      I'm thinking of doing the same thing. Haven't played a Pokemon since about Yellow era. Just not sure if it's worth buying a whole new handheld for.

    This pokemon has by far the most "grown up" story of all the legitimate versions of Pokemon, I actually read a lot of the story instead of the normal button mashing through script because it was all-round a better storyline.

    The whole idea that you're playing the original game on the way to your house at the start is very clever and the introduction of timelines/dimensions just adds to it all.
    Also Gamefreak have added tonnes of mysterious events scattered all throughout the game that constantly keep it interesting.

    Now all I need is the Battle Frontier!

    Game Freak: We aren't ever remaking Ruby/Sapphire.
    Customers: We want a Ruby/Sapphire remake!
    Remakes Ruby and Sapphire... $$$$$

    Game Freak: We aren't ever making a Pokemon MMO.
    Customers: We want a Pokemon MMO.

    Your move Game Freak.

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