Poll: Japan’s Most Wanted Remake Will Surprise No One

Poll: Japan’s Most Wanted Remake Will Surprise No One

If there’s one thing a whole bunch of gamers in Japan can agree on, it’s this: They really want a Final Fantasy VII remake. Some of the other choices in this PlayStation poll, though, might surprise you.

Over 10,000 male and female gamers in Japan, ranging in ages from their teens to their 60s, were polled about things such as what their favourite game to appear on PlayStation was. In case you were wondering, that top five looked like this:

5. Resident Evil

4. Final Fantasy X

3. Dragon Quest IV

2. Final Fantasy VII

1. Dragon Quest V

The poll also asked gamers in Japan what title they wanted to see remade with the latest gaming tech. The top result should surprise, well, absolutely no one. (Especially because I gave it away in the lede. Sorry!) Other entries might!

Here is the top 20:

20. Gran Turismo

19. Final Fantasy VII International

18. Dragon Quest VII

17. Final Fantasy VIII

16. Winning Eleven 8: Liveware Evolution

15. Xenogears

14. Kingdom Hearts

13. Final Fantasy X

12. Monster Hunter Portable 3rd

11. Final Fantasy IX

10. Arc the Lad

9. Dragon Quest IV

8. Kingdom Hearts II

7. Resident Evil 6

6. Dragon Quest V

5. Gran Turismo 6

4. Final Fantasy

3. Resident Evil

2. Dragon Quest VIII

1. Final Fantasy VII

Some of these choices are kind of odd! Like, Resident Evil 6? Do we honestly need a remake of that? And Gran Turismo 6? Really? Like now? And Monster Hunter Portable 3rd? Maybe we should thank games like The Last of Us Remastered for more recent choices like these?

You know, FFVII is a good choice for a remake. It’s also a terrible one. A Final Fantasy VII remake would create tremendous expectations that the final product could never ever really live up to. Anyway, I’ve always thought that at Square Enix’s Shinjuku headquarters, there were design plans for a Final Fantasy VII remake behind glass that says, “Break in case of emergency.”

It’s worth noting that when you break down these results by male and female gamers, you end up with Final Fantasy VII in the top spot for both groups. Number two for the men who were polled, however, was Dragon Quest VIII, while it was Final Fantasy for the women who were polled. Three was Gran Turismo 6 for men and Dragon Quest VIII for women. Four and five were Resident Evil and Final Fantasy for men, while four and five were Kingdom Hearts II and Resident Evil for women. Guess some of these folks who were polled will be thrilled to know that Resident Evil is already getting a HD remaster.

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  • Xenogears remake….. Just no. Not now not ever. Thats right there alongside ff6, 7 and chrono trigger as games that just shouldnt be touched by anyone.

    Just leave it alone. PLEASE!!

  • As I keep saying, I don’t believe those who are currently working at Square know why FF7 was so good. If they remake it then Cloud will be even more socially retarded and emo.

  • Xenogears remake….. Just no. Not now not ever. Thats right there alongside ff6, 7 and chrono trigger as games that just shouldnt be touched by anyone.

    I know what you mean, but it would have been nice to see what Square really wanted to do with disc 2 before they ran out of time/$$$.

    • are you talking about the 4 hours of text? yes I would love to play that too.

      I do agree though, it would be tough to remake Xenogears and keep the things that made the game great intact. Although if they removed the damn jumping parts I would be willing to give it a go.

  • Where is Resident Evil 3 on the remake list?!

    And Gran Turismo is a series where most (?) of the content from previous versions is still in the latest version, so a remake would be pointless.

    • Gran Turismo 1 came out at the peak of the Japanese sports car market. So many great cars, many of which have since been forgotten. Sure, GT6 has 20+ skylines and 10 different Supras, but it is missing touring classics like the Subaru SVX, which hasn’t been seen since GT2. The Kei Car market from Suzuki and Daihatsu has been largely culled in later releases as well. After GT3, the focus became too heavily steered towards racing cars in my opinion.

      I would pay full purchase price for a remade Gran Turismo 1 or 2.

  • Somewhat disappointing to see Resident Evil on there. It’s already had a remake (which was great) and that’s getting a HD rerelease too! :p Let some other game have a chance!

  • Lol @ Gran Turismo 6. That’s their way of saying it’s terrible.
    Gran Turismo used to mean something, but since 5 it’s nothing more than an also-ran in the very genre it basically (re)invented with the first game.

  • damn they should do a remake of dragon quest on ps2 i never got around playing those games man i missed a lot

  • I honestly don’t mind if games get remade, it just means more content for us, the gamers. Win!
    Sure I love FFVII, however if a newer, graphically enhanced version with voices added and the whole thing emanating in the vein of Advent Children were to eventuate, I’d still check it out.

    It doesn’t supersede the original, that one will always be there for you to enjoy should the remake prove to be not your thing.

  • Need some legend of dragoon, galerians, vagrant story, Dino Crisis. and plenty of other better games than this list.

  • Yea! Totally remake xenogears they did for ff7.. can’t wait to see it marvel on ps4, alot of you see id an fear god as he shakes the heavens hahaha..

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