PS4 Hit Resogun Coming To PS3 And Vita

PS4 Hit Resogun Coming To PS3 And Vita

Resogun is one of the best games on the PS4, a voxel-based side-scrolling shooter that shows off the system’s power in stylish fashion. Later this month, it’s jumping back a hardware generation to the PS3 and Vita.

Announced today on the official PlayStation blog, the Vita and PS3 versions of Resogun are due to hit on December 23 for $US15. Given the disparity in hardware, there are going to be differences in execution too:

… the biggest technical difference is that the PS Vita and PS3 games run at 30 instead of 60 frames per second. This was a very difficult decision to consider, but a very necessary one to allow the team to focus on what was possible and to make the best game possible for both of these platforms. The framerate is locked, so you can expect solid performance even under a big storm of voxels.

The newer versions of the game will have cross-save functionality with each other. And, cross-buy too, so if you already own Resogun for the PS4, you get it on Vita and PS3 for free.


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