PSA: Don't Forget To Download Your Free EA PlayStation Games

PSA: Don't Forget To Download Your Free EA PlayStation Games

EA is giving away Mirror's Edge for PlayStation 3, Need for Speed Most Wanted for the Vita and the PlayStation 4 version of Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare until the end of the PlayStation Experience event — that's today. Not near your consoles? Hit up the PlayStation Store via the web and secure the games there.


    I just searched for the games individually in the store, seems the offers page is the only one busted.

    Well, I don't own a PS4 but I guess having a game for it is incentive to buy one...

      Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare is the main reason to own a PS4

        A game thats on Xbox and PC aswell?

          Yeah it is. I think you can try it for free on PC through Origin's game time program

            Nah, I'd rather buy a PS4 (which is on my list of things to get, to be fair) than install Origin.

    I grabbed PvZ yesterday, great fun!
    Free makes it better :)

    Thanks for the heads up! Just got my free copy of Garden Warfare... Heard it's quite good?

    Thanks..... been looking at what games there are to buy for my Vita.... this one comes at the right price.

    Edit: Page not found: It's not you, It's the Internet's fault.

    Last edited 08/12/14 1:59 pm

      Just search for the games manually. I assume it's a link to the American website so once you're signed in with an Australian account it can't find the ideas.

    If it says "Page Not Found" do a search for the game and the relevant one will come up as free.

    It worked for me, what i did was delete the /error/undefined from the URL and it should load properly.

    crap now i have to find a good stable internet connection to download it.

      Ya estimated 10 hours download time for me. :) Should pick up in speed later though.

        I will have to hope like hell someone has moved in next to me in the past 12 hours so i can piggy back their wifi :P. Not sure if Work will be happy with me using my phone to download it.

    The install time for Garden Warfare is terrible though

      I did not know what you meant until now....Done about 10% in an hour.

    think its finished. pvz is $55 in psn store atm

    Last edited 08/12/14 9:31 pm

    Damn missed it. Oh well. I have it X1 already. I just like free things.

    ...I bought PvZ on their sale about 2 weeks ago for $15-20. -_-

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