PSN Seems To Be Coming Back Online

PSN Seems To Be Coming Back Online

After days of problems connecting to the PlayStation Network and corresponding services on the PlayStation 4, two of Kotaku‘s systems have booted up and connected immediately. Are things looking up?

Up until a few minutes ago my PlayStation 4 would not connect to PSN. I could not access the PlayStation Store. My activity feed would not update, and none of my downloadable games were playable. Now, in the blink of an eye, it’s all back. Stephen Totilo reported similar results on his PlayStation 4. I’ve downloaded some DLC from the store, and Totilo’s connected to Destiny.

A cursory Twitter search shows many users saying they can finally connect to the service, while some indicate they are still having issues.

For now there’s no official word from Sony regarding the restoration of services, either via the PlayStation blog or the @AskPlayStation Twitter account. The most recent update on the PlayStation blog indicated engineers were still working to restore network functions following an engineered surge of malicious traffic, adding weight to online collective Lizard Squad’s claims that they brought the servers down via DDoS attack on Christmas Day.

We might be coming out of the woods, but as intermittent issues with Xbox Live demonstrate, there’s always a chance of lingering problems.

So speak up. Is your PlayStation 4 finally connecting to the PlayStation Network, or are you still out of luck? Chime in with your location and maybe we can form a picture of how Sony’s fixes are being deployed.


  • What exactly are you guys having trouble connecting to? Because I was playing BF4 last night and didn’t have a single problem. I even was playing on Asian servers and was getting a great connection. The PSN store had a problem loading and came up with a maintenance error, although it loaded up with no problems at all by retrying…

    • Agreed.
      I was able to play Destiny last night with no problems. I don’t think there were as many people playing however, as some of the matchmaking took longer than usual.

    • @liondrive The PSN has been down for days. I’m guessing you two are playing via discs? You’re able to connect because the game doesn’t need to connect to the PSN to authenticate like it would a digital copy of the game, and you’re able to play online because you’re playing on DiCE and Bungie’s servers which run independently of the PSN. If you were playing with copies of the game purchased on the PlayStation Store you wouldn’t even be able to start the games. It’s probably too late, but if you’ve got PS+ games or games purchased from the store installed, try starting one of those up and you’ll see what people are having problems with.

      • Ahh, fair enough.
        I thought it was related as I wasn’t able to connect to the Destiny servers at all on Friday night.
        That explains why my digital copy of Injustice wasn’t loading at all then though :\

        Stupid “hackers”, ruining it for everybody.

        • It’s one of the suckier aspects of the digital era. I love having games like Battlefield just sitting there on my dashboard waiting to go at a moments notice, and PS+/Games with Gold offer some great stuff, but it really leaves me at the mercy of Microsoft and Sony’s DRM systems.

          • I was under the impression that you could play games on your “primary” PS4 without needing to connect to the servers and that only additional consoles needed toccheck in to the server? I guess I was wrong, but I’m away from home at the moment without my PS4 or Vita so can’t try it myself.

            It does REALLY shit me that non gaming apps completely unrelated to PSN (eg Netflix) don’t work if you’re not signed in to PSN. What’s the point of that?

      • I have been playing Binding Of Isaac with no problems for this entire ordeal. Digital game obviously. Or is it just multiplayer digital games?

        • I’m not sure. Has your PS4 been fully turned off during that period? Maybe logging in before the outage and staying in rest mode is enough to keep everything validated? I’ve been trying to play Final Fantasy XIV (digital) and getting nothing but a black screen because even though the installed program is technically free it didn’t know if I had permission to play it or not.

      • Actually funny story, I bought a premium membership for half price on playstation store and it came with a full digital copy of BF4 (which was a surprise as premium on its own was still full price). So during this outage I downloaded all the DLC and played a digital only version of BF4. I didn’t try to play on Christmas though as I was doing Christmas stuff.

        The outages were a bummer, but I guess a positive thing is people were forced to actually pay attention to people they care about instead of playing video games.

  • I live in Western Australia, I can connect to the PSN, I can see friends who are online and can access the PS Store, but can’t play GTA Online or Destiny.

  • I was able to connect and play at about 10pm last night but since this morning I’m getting connection time out errors again.

  • I was able to play last night between about 11 and 3:30. No probs. Then no go this morn. Changed the mtu to 1473 as per a post/youtube link on previous article, fixed. Not sure why that worked, maybe just timed fluke. But that was an hour and a half ago and my mate couldn’t get on then either.

  • Title of the article should be:
    “PSN seems to be coming back online, Sony still just as clueless as ever…”

  • Im in Western australia with Psn. Can’t connect to psn store, see friends or play destiny as it has a locked sigh next to it. Also i have the digital copy of destiny.

  • Just tried to buy Walking Dead (both seasons) from US Playstation store and the store worked fine, however when I tried to add funds the account section was “down for maintenance”.

    Hopefully the flash sale will be extended!

  • Still can’t log in to PSN either. What a joke. For some reason I can see one of my interstate friends online with the iPhone app as well. What gives?

    • Try changing your MTU to 1473 in network settings. You need to go though ‘set up internet connection’ on you PS4. Tried that just before and finally let me log in 🙂

  • I’m in Calgary Alberta and have had the network down since Christmas. Yesterday, Dec 27, the network was up again. Everything was slow, but eventually it was all up and running. I downloaded some free add on content but it wouldn’t work, then when I added funds and tried to purchase dragon age inquision, my system crashed. All I could do was manually restart and it’s been down ever since. I Continue to check the connection every hour or so, I’m getting no luck

  • In WA and had to do the MTU change thing yesterday for it to get working. My friends were hit and miss but managed to get a few of us on for a raid last night.
    It was noticeable the lack of people on patrols and helping out with public events. Of about nine I did only got help with about two as there was just nobody around. Made the blade kills on Earth bounty easier with no squeezers around shooting Hive or fighting over the sword. Ammiright? 🙂
    Also matchmaking was taking ages for strikes.
    Slowly but surely……………………..

  • My PSN is still out has been for few days. it works fine everywhere else except the PS4 !! Im in West Melbourne

  • Unable to connect via iiNet home network but can connect when tethered to either Optus or Telstra mobile phones. Very frustrating.

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