Red Faction: Guerrilla Gets Free ‘Steam Edition’ Update On PC

Red Faction: Guerrilla Gets Free ‘Steam Edition’ Update On PC
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Briefly: Red Faction: Guerrilla, the free-roam action game where you blow up buildings on Mars, just got a free “Steam Edition” update on PC. Among other things, the patch moves the game to Steamworks, adding leaderboards, achievements and trading cards, and completely removes Games for Windows Live. Full patch notes here.


  • The usual contempt from most of the game industry towards gamers – especially the big publishers – have been put to shame by Nordic’s games commitment to making RF:G finally work on steam. I couldn’t play the game myself on my 1 year old PC, because of THQ’s greedy contempt.

    Thanks so much to Nordic.

      • Game for windows live retirement broke it. You could actually find an unofficial fix online which is what I ended up doing. Good to see it’s now officially fixed!

  • Man, the destruction physics in this game are still second to none. Lost count of how many hours I spent just knocking buildings down with my sledgehammer, or strategically placed explosive charges just to see how many different ways a building could come down. So good.

  • now apparently I could get a free Steam key with proof of purchase of the retail version… but something about this attitude and actually following through on the support and updates make me want to keep throwing money at the screen – not to mention the current special making it only $3, which makes it difficult to not buy gift copies as well!

    • How! How can i get a free steam Key?! I just got the disk Copy Today and its not working and i neeeeed to know! D:

  • When I purchased Metro 2033, it came with a copy of Red Faction: Guerrilla on disc in the Metro 2033 cover. That copy doesn’t have any form of DRM, I installed and played it and that was it. I always thought that maybe they screwed up somewhere.

  • I want to see this game live on and get a proper sequel! Sooo fun.. wild western.. spooky.. stealthy.. and carmgeddon in places.

  • Well this is such Crap! D: i just got the Disk Copy of the game today on Christmas! and you probably still have to pay for this version as well is there anyway i can transfer my game over? 🙁

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