Remember This?

Now that I think about it, Friday's Remember This was pretty difficult. No-one guessed it. Think it might be time for a second clue!

Good luck! And here's Friday's clue to help you all out...


    Still can't put my finger on it.... perhaps a top down shooter style game? [Like Phoenix style, but newer?]

    Aliens something... Old old fps can't remember the name! Was on jaguar and other consoles and pic i think

    *dives through closed window*

    THE DIG!

    *crashes through wall*

    Joe Lazenby's 19th Glory Hole

    My biggest gripe with the Remember This articles is that, whenever I look at them, I think, "Oh that reminds me of X game." Then the next day when I read the answer, I'm totally disappointed - not by the fact I didn't get it, but because it's from a game I've never heard of. So I totally never had the barest glimmer of a chance of getting it right in the first place.

    They're still cool though!

    Front Mission : Gun Hazard on SNES?

    Last edited 01/12/14 3:35 pm

    Almost reminds me of the original Worms series but that was all brimstone or snow... not hellish alien backgrounds wasn't it?

    is it Star-wars on super Nintendo or Nes?

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