Remember This?

Okay, day three. It's been a while since we've gone to a day three but here we are! No-one managed to guess yesterday's Remember This, so let's have a third clue and be done with it!

And just for reference, here are the two previous clues...

Good luck everyone.


    Can we please have the first letter, the last letter and all the letters in between, please?

    You just know Mark's sitting there with the biggest grin on his face thinking 'I finally got those bastards'


      Theeeeeeeeeeeeeere it is.

      Some kind of giant snake. Love it.

      A early example of the homebrew genre of games. Developed by a small team of scottish school children and available for sale for 2 pound or a packet of oats over a 2 week period around mid year.

    That can only be "Blastar" It was on the amiga i believe

    gonna say R-Type, Zero Wing (megadrive) or Bio-metal (Snes)

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