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You know, I'm actually really happy someone guessed yesterday's game. That was one of the most hilarious Remember This comment sections I can remember reading. This is always fun!

Congrats to themikky who managed to guess correctly. It was Blastar. An r-type style shooter on the Amiga.

Good luck with today everyone!


    Scorched Earth

      Man I loved that game. Reached the peak of my programming prowess when I found that I could edit the text that was said when you fired your shot, or got hit.

        Haha yea that was awesome, I did the same with Carmageddon 2!

    Resue on Fractalus

      That was my first thought, but I don't think it's right.
      It's definitely C64, whatever it is.

        Okay then, Koronis Rift?

        I dunno, it actually looks like one of those crappy Hobbity Adventure games of the era.

          That was my second thought. :)

          My third was another Lucasarts game, Eidolon. The backgrounds and mountains are really close in all those games, but not quite right.

            Yeah, I thought about Eidolon too. If it isn't Fractulus, then my money is on an old graphical text adventure. I remember playing one that would draw the screen up each time you moved and it would take like a second or two. Like Mask of the Sun, one of those old Ultrasoft adventures.


    Battle Through Time!

      Ding ding, I think we have a winner.

    im thinking maybe Airwolf or beachhead for C64, seems to be something along those lines. I know it but just can place it.... dam you Serrels.. dam you !

    Does anyone else remember those old Scott Adams text/graphical adventure games?

    Dragon Age: Origins. Hasn't aged well has it?

    Poo Mounder (or maybe Poo Mounder Revelations)

    Lords of midnight. Does look like mountains from the hobbit. Did think fractulus initially too....

    Moon Buggy!

      Actually as suggested above, its battle through time, c64

      Pretty similar to moon buggy if you ask me.

    Does it not look like someone's legs to anyone else? Bent at the knee, lying on a bed or something. Maybe it's just me.

    Was just watching an old AVGN episode, and I think it's Winter Games on the NES.

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