Remember This?

Well done to GerminalConsequence who managed to guess Friday's pretty bloody difficult Remember This. It was Cloak and Dagger.

Good luck with today's effort. I BELIEVE IN YOU.


    moon buggy

      It totally is.

      Last edited 08/12/14 12:13 pm

        Except I think it was called Moon Patrol and is the arcade version?

        Last edited 08/12/14 12:15 pm

    I think the colours are wrong but my guess is Empire Strikes Back on Atari?

    Nah, but I'm so looking forward to all the esoteric retro games about to be listed on this thread.
    Like Motocross Racer!

    Last edited 08/12/14 12:11 pm

    Totally made me think of Donut Plains in Super Mario Kart.

    Turf Simulator 2: Lawnmowers Revenge

    Artillery for the Atari?

      Nah, I think the resolution is too high to be a 2600 title.

    Bloody moon patrol. Too late today! Bugger!

    Not Scorched Earth, but it totally reminds me of it.

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