Remember This?

I'm going to call yesterday's Remember This a team effort between Bluxy and Weresmurf. Together they managed to come to this right conclusion. Yesterday's game was Moon Patrol, the arcade version. Great job team!

Good luck with today's effort. YOU'RE GONNA NEED IT.

(You probably won't)


    Midnight Resistance

    Smash TV!
    all i could think of when Mark said: "Good luck with todays effort, YOURE GONNA NEED IT"

    Last edited 09/12/14 12:24 pm

    Secret of Mana! \o/

    But seriously, it's The Dig.

    The Guardian Legend!

    well probably not, but that game needs a remake, and so does Final Lap Twin!!

    bill laimbeer combat basketball

      Looks like thats the one

        lol, I actually remember being excited to play that game when it came out. then I played it and all that was left was sadness.

    I'm sick of all these old games, Mark. Next Remember This, can we have Far Cry 4? I'll get it for sure (probably not, someone would guess it before me).

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