Remember This?

See! I knew the second clue was too easy. Never mind. Well done to mickd who took roughly 80 seconds to guess yesterday's Remember This. It was Paperboy.

Good luck with today's effort!


    rogue or hack or nethack? Something like that. Maybe even Dwarf Fortress?

      rogue it is it would seem...

    looks like an Atari shooter - no idea which one

    Donkey Kong Maths Jr.

    I don't think it is that, but seems close.

    reminds me of some dos text adventure games

    Hang on, deja vu?

      Maybe its a different version :)

      I dont know whats worse, a repost of a remember me, or you realising it was repost


      Yes well done looking at the link :P

        Oh didn't even notice it. Now i just feel stupid -__-"

        Last edited 12/12/14 2:34 pm

    City Planning 2: Blackout Edition

    He was just testing to make sure everyone was paying attention.

    Let's go with ZZT just to be different. And probably wrong.

    Oregon Trail.

    He could be deliberately posting another game that uses ANSI for graphics to trick us.

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