Remember This?

Friday's Remember This was Rogue. Well done to Hell_Rok for getting it first. Also — well done to Talicca who totally noticed that I'd done this game already!

I think that's how you know you've done way too many Remember This posts. You don't even realise you've posted about a game before.

Anyway, good luck with today's game.


    Maybe this is a clue that signals the return of Haitaku.

    A man can dream.

      Plus Haitaku was a glorious name for it, I'm all for it coming back

      After his defeat
      defeat the second Rider,
      Who'll you choose to be

        Man, I tried. I really did. Probably going to feel silly.

    The ship sort of looks like Galaga...I don't recall that green blog being in Galaga though. And what's the ship doing up there?

    Galaga 2?

      It is a Namco game. Not garage though.

      Yeh looks a lot like the Galaga ship. Only similar game I can think of where the ship is not at the base of the screen is Gyruss, but it doesn't look quite right.

    Bosconian Arcade

      It was the first game I think that let you throw more money at it to continue, I think it owes me at least a mid-priced family car.

      Damn shame I couldn't check this til late in the day! This one always sticks in my mind cos the ship looks so similar to Galaga! :) Bosconian had much more to it though!

    In love of @Shane & in his extended absence

    "The Dig"

    Space Pea - Beyond The Fork

    Is it that terrible Transofrmers game from the commodore 64?

    Battle Toads?


      Hooray, I was 99% sure it was the Arcade version of Bosconian, man that thing ate a truckload of my money.

    where is Decoy today?

      i dont know, but since biker mice from mars has already been done, its kinda a waste to keep posting it

        Yeah but it just doesn't feel right without that obligatory guess.

    Biker Mice from Mars!

    Sorry guys. Kinda caught up in the events of today. i wont let u down again!

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