Remember This?

Well done to Silent who totally guessed that yesterday's Remember This was Demons to Diamonds. He actually guessed it correctly on Tuesday but I missed it. Sorry about that, and congratulations.

Good luck with today's effort!


    Dune, General Chaos, Mutant League Football?

    Edit: Dune 2?

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    KKnD? (Krush, Kill and Destroy)?

      Of all the games I want a reboot of. That plus Z.


    I wish I'd seen this one earlier, this was one of my favourite games.

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      Dune 2 it is, I recognise those missile marks anywhere!

        oh damn i think you might be right. high five for dune memories.

    Army Men.

    They need to re release those games so much fun.

    Oh man, if I was just a little bit earlier with this one! Totally dune 2.

      Dune series needs a reboot. That game was amazing in it's day.

        Absolutely, they tried a few (Dune 2000). A reboot is called for, I suggest: "Call of Duney 6" - EA GAMES.

          I played dune 2000 but from memory it was just dune 2 with some updated graphics wasn't it? I can't recall fully but I think I remember finding the controls to feel dated still.

            Sadly, my computer at this time was not good enough to run Dune 2000 so I never played it!

            Yeah it was a complete reboot of Dune 2. Emperor Battle For Dune is a great sequel. EA needs to 're-release that on Origin.

              I'd just like to see a return to classic style RTS with the dune franchise, not to mention a HBO dune tv series would make me extremely happy....

              I'm not a big RTS person normally, but I found the game a bit too easy (Emperor, that is). I'd just build as many units as I could as quickly as I could to protect the entrances of my rock from invaders, and soon enough I'd amass an army large enough to bring any computer opponent (and indeed the computer itself) to its knees.

              That being said, it was actually immensely fun.

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            Even had all the old bugs!

        100%. dune 2000 was an absolute corker. loved it.



    Command & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn?

    If that isn't Dune 2 I will consume my hat, or at the very least my hat's weight in corn chips.

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