Remember This?

It's been a while since I've put together one of these. They're meant to be tough, right?

Having said that, somebody will probably come along and guess this one within a few seconds.

My obscure might be your fondly remembered gaming classic. Although probably not in this case.


    Pixel Crochet for the BBC Micro?

      Were you one of the lucky BBC owners? Not many in Australia! Even less in Shepparton!!

        I played with one when visiting my relatives, My first PC was a Vic20

    Mario 2

      Luigi was the boss in that game. He got so much hate, but once you got used to him he rocked

        Over Princess Peach? I don't think so. For once, she wasn't the victim, and her ability was awesome.

          Peach was awesome, her float ability was much easier to control. Luigi could jump higher, and get almost the same distance as Peach, and he had that funny little running through the air animation that entertained me for hours.

            I can totally see where you might get Super Mario Bros 2 out of that. But it's not Super Mario Bros 2.

            I will admit that the 'air-running' animation was awesome. I just really liked being Peach.

            As long as we can all agree that Toad was the worst.

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      Nope. Now, do I give more clues, wait it out and reveal tomorrow, or spin it out for an extra day?

    Nice job Alex. Makes up for no serrells in a while!!

    Cadbury Chocolate Box Simulator

    Summer games

      Look at that west germany flag


        i googled PC Games EGA . then went through the results

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    It could match space quest 3

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