Seinfeld Characters Would Do The Silliest Things In ESports

Seinfeld Characters Would Do The Silliest Things in eSports

The formula is given, and it's worked before: Plot lines from Seinfeld with Kramer the visionary, George who just can't pull it together, Jerry and Elaine whining about everything, and Newman plotting something evil in his apartment, all squeezed into short tweets with something extra added. This time it's eSports.

Esports Seinfeld's twitter is full of tweets like the ones below and they're just as silly as you'd imagine: Seinfeld characters making a visit to the world of competitive CS:GO, StarCraft, Smash Bros., LoL and Dota.

Esports Seinfeld [Twitter]


    "Kramer becomes paranoid the amiibo is self aware"

    This gave me a hug chuckle. You can imagine him going all crazy in Jerry's face: "I'm tellin ya Jerry, that things got a plan and if ya don't do somethin about it it's gonna be TOO LATE!" *waving his arms around*

    haha oh my gosh, what a unique but hilarious idea =P

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