Skyrim Statue Isn’t Evil, Just Misunderstood

Skyrim Statue Isn’t Evil, Just Misunderstood

It’s not that Malacath, the patron Daedra of Elder Scrolls’ orc race, is a bad guy. He’s just into solving problems with violence. And he’s watching out for ogres and the ogrim because they’re outcasts. That’s a good guy thing to do, right? I’m sure those skulls are just there for decoration, nothing else.

Regardless of how you feel about Malacath, you have to admit that the collectible figure depicting his Skyrim shrine looks pretty badass. It’s by Gaming Heads, so it comes in two flavours: limited stone and exclusive faux-bronze. The polystone statue is quite imposing at fifteen inches tall, and with a price tag to match: $US200 for the stone, and $US210 for the bronze version.

Here’s a few photos. To see more, head over to the product pages here and here.

Malacath Shrine Statue: Stone Version, Bronze Version [Gaming Heads]


    • “I wish I had enough money to buy an elephant.”
      “What do you want an elephant for?”
      “I don’t. I just want the money.”

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